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DIY: Infused Vodka

30 Jun

Like I mentioned in last week’s summer check list post, I’ve been dying to make some infused vodka. It just seemed like a perfect way to make an extra-special cocktail by using some of your favorite ingredients. I saw this blog post while searching through pinterest a couple weeks ago, and knew that I just had to make a batch of pear-spiced vodka myself. Boulder Locavore has their own page in the blog dedicated to DIY vodka infusions–so many of which I cannot wait to try. Per her recipe, I made my own batch of pear-spiced vodka and am just itching for it to finish “infusing” so I can pop that sucker open and make a perfectly crisp cocktail.


Summer Checklist

23 Jun



Every summer, I make a check list. This should not be surprising to you, if you’ve read this blog before. I’m really into check lists, mostly because I live for the feeling of crossing a to-do list item off. Such completion and finality. I just can’t get enough. In 2011, when I started this blog, I would frequently post check lists (like here, here, here and here). And because it is currently 93 degrees outside, and the sun won’t be setting for another three hours (bless you, summer!)–I figured it was about time, I get cracking on another summer list. And this summer, unlike every summer prior, I am going to make realistic goals that won’t overwhelm me:

1. Learn to can. What a weird summer goal, I know. I probably just miss Maine so much that I want to make enough blueberry jam to last me a lifetime.

2. Go on a camping trip… again, I think I miss Maine.

3. Make flavor-infused vodkas like this, this and this for the perfect summer cocktails

4. Make a photo album of my trip to Barcelona & Lisbon

5. One red sox game

6. Two visits to cities outside of New England


Six items to do before labor day. Wish me luck.

Intro to Rhubarb

18 Jun

Until last night at 10:30pm, I had never had Rhubarb. My dear mama came to visit me this past weekend and per usual she insisted on stocking up our fridge with groceries. While strolling through Whole Foods, I came across these red stalks that have been intimidating me for the past few years. My mom did the whole “for goodness sakes, just buy them!” and next thing I knew, I had rhubarb stalks in my kitchen. I spent approximately 5 hours looking through pinterest and martha stewart before deciding on a very simple, very easy, very safe rhubarb & strawberry crisp.

But while searching for the perfect recipe, I stumbled upon some visually appealing and (probably) incredibly savory recipes. From chutney to champagne spritzers, this fruit/vegetable/weird-looking-plant has to be the most versatile thing I’ve ever purchsed

(1) Rhubarb-Prosecco Spritzer from this blog (2) Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie from this blog (3) Coconut Rhubarb Scones from this blog (4) Rhubarb Muffins from this blog (5) Rhubarb on my counter (6) My final crisp– I used this recipe, but made some minor tweaks… mainly cutting back on some of the sugar and adding graham cracker crumbs in my topping… oh and not using butter. Basically I made my own recipe with some basic guidelines. It turned out so delicious, that I just had to call my mom and ask her how she deprived me my entire childhood.

And after a day of nagging and whining, the BF finally tried my Rhubarb-Strawberry Crisp… I tell you, he just could not get over the thought of eating red celery for dessert. Don’t worry, Rhubarb, you have two converts now.

Life Lately According to My iPhone

11 Jun

Life Lately:

(1) A few weeks back I went home to surprise my family–and spent approximately 94% of my stay taking pictures of my beloved animals (2) This is my new favorite picture of these three–what I like to call “our version of Homeward Bound” and if you haven’t seen Homeward Bound, you can make up for lost time and bad parenting (how could they deny you this movie) by buying the DVD here. (3) Oh and while I’m at it, here is an AM selfie of me and my “sassy” also known as Ringo (4) My mother also spoiled me with mussels and sangria (5) and the weirdest thing happened, where I found a mussel within my mussel… and was totally creeped out (6) Spent this past Friday at Boston Beer Works watching the Bruins game and celebrating their win (7) This photo my mother so rudely sent me while at work that made me ready for retirement–and make me start nagging the BF to take me strawberry picking (8) Spent this past Saturday in the North End walking around with the BF and grabbing a bite to eat (9) After lunch we made our way to Russo’s in Watertown, a specialty grocery store I’ve been dying to go to (ok, who am I) and absolutely fell in love with. They had buckets of Lychees for $3.99 a pound. I mean, come’on best thing EVER (10) Instructions I left my beloved BF on how to cook pasta while I was at some volunteer orientation… to which I received a text message saying “cooking pasta is hard” (11) Despite the minor  pasta set-backs, we started the week off right with an indoor barbecue

Bar Cart 101

6 Jun

Similar to my strange love for headboards, I also have a slight obsession for bar carts. What is a bar cart, you might ask? Just a rolling-vintage-yet-chic-liquor-store-on-wheels-with-fancy-glassware. And ever since we moved into our apartment, I have been set on getting one. Unfortunately, my roommate* does not feel the same way about bar carts… but we don’t really drink hard alcohol…but we don’t have room… but they are entirely unnecessary. Get the picture? So instead, I will create a bar cart here, on this little blog.

But I’m just going to say, if I did have a bar cart, it would be the best one in town.

And while we’re making future requests, I would also like the little pooch in the fourth picture. And the bar cart. Don’t ask me to choose.


And if you happen to be in the market for a bar cart (you lucky duck, you) here are some of my favorites (1) and (2) and (3) and (4)


*my roommate is also the BF, I just didn’t want to call him such an endearing name because he is not on board with the bar cart (or the pooch for that matter)

SoWa Sunday

3 Jun

Even though SoWa (Boston’s best Sunday flea, artisan crafts, farmers market and food truck hub!) opened earlier in May, it wasn’t until this past Sunday that I finally made the inaugural visit. And I can’t believe it took me three weeks! I have loved watching SoWa grow over the past four years. When I first moved to Boston in the summer of 2010, SoWa was nothing more than a handful of artisan crafts stationed under little white tents. And now, a farmers market, a vintage flea shop, food trucks and many, many more crafts to see. I just love it. I was sad that the BF couldn’t make it on this trip (workaholic), but after seeing 4 new food trucks out of nearly 15 total, I know he’ll be coming next time around.

(1) Tried Grillo’s Pickles for the first time (one spicy, one regular) and ohmygoodness they were to DIE for (2) These bad boys, taking me all over Boston. From Fenway to South End to Back Bay and then home (3) Books from the 1920s through the 90s on top of a lovely vintage dresser (4) and vintage champagne glasses, that I just can’t get enough of. Maybe Leo’s to blame  (5) After an hour at SoWa I decided to walk back to the Bay Bay for my favorite smoothie/juice bar (6) Copley Square (7) Walking through the Victory Gardens on my way home (8) waving to the BF from the Victory Gardens (9) and these two, casually strolling through the street. Get outta here, geese!

June 1st

1 Jun

I honestly cannot believe it is officially June 1st–officially summer and officially one year since we moved into this apartment. On this 90+ degree day, I cannot help but be thankful that this time around, I am not the sweaty person unloading a moving truck. And even more thankful that I don’t have to spend the entire weekend assembling Ikea furniture. Can’t wait to spend another year in this little place. And maybe, one year after moving in and installing curtain rods in the bedroom, I will finally buy curtains. Whoops.