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If you don’t like animals… don’t read this post

30 Nov

I’m just going to come out and say it: I’ve been a terrible blogger this past week

As a dormstyler I also have to put up with all the academic requirements of living in a dorm. Namely, my thesis, two research papers, and the never ending job search. The next 17 days are going to be totally crazy and intense and I CANNOT wait until they’re over and I can go home for break. Maybe I’ll even get to read a book for fun. Can you think of such an absurd concept??

Anyway, here are a few shots of my two favorite furry creatures that I got to spend oodles of time with over the past break. I love them so.

Tyler even got along with Rusty, my favorite stuffed animal. I was pretty worried that he would devour Rusty.


Giving Thanks

24 Nov

I am Thankful for




my family

crisp air

butternut squash

sunny days

a well made bed

my wonderful college

my even more wonderful 5 suitemates


flea markets

the BF who puts up with me

color coding pens


ringo (my cat, but I guess also the drummer)

and this little blog that I’ve created that makes my days so much more eventful, fun and creative

Thanksgiving Gawking

20 Nov

I can’t decide what I’m more excited for, Thanksgiving, or it becoming socially acceptable (and in fact encouraged) to listen to Christmas music. Sorry Mom but Hannukah tunes simply don’t cut it. I’ve been following more food blogs than ever as everyone seems to be gearing up for the holidays. This year, the BF is coming home with me for Thanksgiving and I want to make sure it’s just as wonderful as his Thanksgiving at home. One of my favorite food blogs, How Sweet it Is just posted 101 Thanksgiving recipes. After salivating for the past hour I’ve pulled some of my faves that I’m just dying to try–especially when I have the luxury of a full kitchen and dare I say, a dishwasher! Ooh I can’t wait. I’m trying to incorporate some vegan recipes into our Thanksgiving feast (Sorry, Fam) and since my stuffed squash was a only a hit with me and my dog last year, I’ve been searching for something that everyone will like…


Are you hungry yet?

The first is a recipe from a blog called With Style and Grace. It’s a non-traditional quinoa stuffing

The second recipe is from Shutter Bean. It’s a Brussels Sprout dish. Gosh I love those things

The third recipe is from How Sweet it Is. It’s a Apple Cider Margarita. I will take up any chance I have to drink cider, margarita or not.

The fourth recipe is ALSO from How Sweet it Is. It’s a Crispy Acorn Squash dish with Sage. But I’d probably omit the sage because I just don’t like that stuff

Ode to Harvest Dinner

17 Nov

My college has one of the best traditions ever: Harvest Dinner. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the dining hall hosts a gigantic themed feast. This year the theme was MAINE, oh how original. Harvest Dinner goes as follows:

1. arrive to commons at 4:15 and wait in line for the doors to open at 4:30

2. Enter your name into the raffle

3. Pick a table that will fit all your friends and throw jackets on all the chairs so that they’re not stolen by other, less cool friend groups

4. Eat, eat, eat and eat more until 6:30 when…

5. You go to the gym for deserts and the “Trashion” Fashion Show

6. A Capella Concert at 9:30

It’s simply the best. Plus there is always live music

Here are my pictures from this joyous event. Gosh, I cannot believe that this is my last last last Harvest Dinner ever. Maybe I can become a super senior and come back next year. It’s worth an extra year of tuition… right? The Trashion show is ALWAYS my favorite but I will admit this year it was quite a scandal. In my personal, dormstyler opinion, the winner was wrongfully, oh so wrongfully crowned. Who cares if you have used water bottles all over you? UGH. It was very frustrating being in the audience that night–Details to come once I have more pictures. In the mean time enjoy these. Can you spy my Vegan Thanksgiving dinner? So good!

Speaking of A Capella… The ACapella groups are currently in our suite having a “party”– let me tell you, you have never heard such a harmonized version of Party in the USA. I still don’t know how I feel about it. Oh gosh, someone just yelled “I love A Capella”

Turning a Summer Staple into A Fall Favorite

13 Nov

There is absolutely no denying that fall is in full-blast, even during those unbelievable 60 degree days in November. The dining hall is serving far more pumpkin, sweet potato, and squash dishes. It’s about time I kiss my summer-ripened tomatoes good bye. This weekend my parents hosted a dinner party at our house back in Washington, DC and my mom sent me this picture of her adapted fall bruschetta based on my summer bruschetta recipe! She had made using sauteed squash in the place of tomatoes. Doesn’t it just look delish? I think they deserve to be added to our Thanksgiving menu along with these pumpkin scones (without the icing) I’m planning on making!

This weekend the BF and I tried another breakfast diner (we’re on a roll!) called Rolly’s in Auburn. It was the epitome of mom and pop which was obviously a hit with me and the type of place where you would end up sitting at the same table as other people all elbow-to-elbow. I would not suggest this place for a “first date” because you will end up talking to whoever else is at your table. The BF was probably thankful that he got stuck with me, because I’m willing to talk to anyone about anything. We ended up sitting next to a older couple who chatted us up the entire time. Pete told us all about the history of Auburn, Maine–including all these crazy stories about when the (now abandoned) mills were in full swing producing textiles and shoes out the wazoo. Pete worked in the mills since he was 15 at Auburn High and told us how about how exciting it was to be part of the town before the mills were all outsourced and bankrupt. He also insisted that the BF and I join him this winter to go Ice Fishing on Lake Auburn. We’re “planning” on going on President’s Day in February since Pete insisted that was the only day of the year that the park troopers would let you get away with not having an ice fishing permit. He even gave us a list of what to wear (long johns are a must)… it was quite a breakfast.

Post from a Sick Girl

8 Nov

Being sick in college is simply the worst

I remember being sick at home, sitting on the couch all day watching day time television while fed whatever soup sounded most appealing. I suppose you can’t pick and choose when you want to be babied by your parents… but if I could… I would pick right now. Thankfully, senior year we get cable in our suites so at least I can watch episode after episode of Say Yes to the Dress in the comfort of my pajamas. Since being sick, I’ve spent even more time on my computer. I found some great pictures from last year’s Thanksgiving and have since gotten in the Thanksgiving spirit. Perhaps writing this post will allow me to forget how much work I have between now and Thanksgiving break. Oh thesis, how you taunt me.

I am so looking forward to lots of home cooked meals, cuddling with my favorite pup, attempting to woo my stubborn kitty, and lounging for hours in my flannel pajamas. Doesn’t that sound so good right now?

Updates from a Dormstyler

6 Nov

I feel like the past two weeks have been so incredibly jammed packed; my blog as well as my inbox have been getting very little love and I’m feeling pretty guilty. I’ve been so busy and yet so much has happened! Last week the BF and I ventured out to a new diner. If you know me you know that I absolutely LOVE diners–and the more “mom and pop” the better. Although my all time favorite is still Becky’s we went to the cutest little hole in the wall diner “Uncle Moe’s” last weekend and it was quite a treat. They even had homemade biscuits! You would truly be shocked to find out how many diners DON’T have biscuits. Maybe we should move down south.

But it gets better. On the paper placemats at Uncle Moe’s they had an advertisement for an indoor Flea Market/Antique Warehouse in Oxford, Maine. I had already dragged the BF out to breakfast and knew that antiquing was totally out of the question (um how can anyone hate antiquing?!) so I trekked out to Oxford by myself. It was one of the greatest flea markets I’ve ever been to. I can’t decide whether I’ll be the person with the neatly organized, chachski-filled home or the extreme hoarder. Time can only tell. I’ve included some shots from the flea marketing including the deer head I spent ten minutes petting. Deer fur is really not as soft as you would imagine.

This weekend my parents flew in from Washington, DC to visit. It’s always nice to have your parents visit. My mom brought me the most wonderful magazines ever called Artful Blogging. I’ve already read them front to back twice–what a productive day. We had such a great time during their visit and went out to eat at so many good restaurants including this new restaurant in Freeport called Linda Beans. It has “authentic Maine” cuisine including lots of sea food, lots of mashed potatoes and various Maine burgers. For all of you lobstah-salad lovers out there, let it be known that Linda Beans lobster rolls are 95 parts lobster, 4 part mayonaise and 1 part seasoning. None of that drenched stuff.

For some reason, my parents are obsessed with American Idol (or were obsessed) after Simon and Paula left the magic of the show really went away–probably due to the lack of british accents and exposed chest hair. This weekend one of my BFFs and a KME sister competed in our college’s American Idol. It’s events like this that make me miss college so much already. Plus this week I had to submit my intention to graduate. UGH. On a happier note: these are the pictures from the past 8 days.