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Etsy Find: TheWordShop

25 Apr

Ever since signing the apartment lease, I’ve been dying to decorate it.

Calm down, I know.

My kitchen at home has a painting of pigs… now, I’m sure that sounds really weird, but it’s this very simple black and white painting of two hogs. My mother, in all her ironic glory, bought it because we don’t actually eat pork in the house… so instead she added her own version of pork to the kitchen. Good one, mom!

I should probably bite my tongue, because looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… As my quest for apartment decorations continues, I keep thinking of what we will add to our little kitchen. I saw these prints on my fave site Esty and just had to feature them. I love all the butcher chart prints–especially of the exotic animals. Gosh, who wouldn’t want to know what piece of a Dodo they’re eating?

TheWordShop has some amazing prints. BUT it gets better. The owners of this shop also own KeepCalmShop which features my favorite: Keep Calm and Drink Champagne. How fabulous is that?



Trekking Maine

21 Apr

I spent this past spring break in Northern Maine

Hancock, Maine to be exact

It was a pretty wonderful trip overall. 19 of us spent the week relaxing, reading, hiking and cooking.

I suppose this wasn’t your typical college spring break trip, but it was a really nice way to spend time with each other before we all end up going our separate ways. Unfortunately, the trip was cut short because of a stomach bug that made it’s way through the close quarters. Even though we had to leave two days early… and couldn’t spend more time in Acadia… the trip itself was a huge success.

I even got to go to Bar Harbor for the day which has been on my to-do check list since I applied to school in Maine five years ago

DormStyler does DIY Paint Chip Art

8 Apr

This week has been a complete whirlwind

Now that papers have been signed and secured (and I have no chance of jinxing anything…I think) I am excited to say that the BF and I finally found ourselves the perfect apartment in Boston! And since you are all such loyal readers, you know what this means…thousands of posts about Boston to come… but more so, this means that the reality of graduation has become ever more evident. Totally bittersweet. But instead of crying my senior year of college away, I’ve decided to spend an absurd amount of time on arts & crafts… AND since I posted about paint-chip art last week, it was only natural for me to actually MAKE the art.


I hit a couple of bumps throughout the project. For starters, after meticulously cutting out each triangle and placing them in a perfect pattern (PICTURE 1)–I decided to glue them down to poster board with good ole Elmer’s Glue. Let me tell you, those bad boys wouldn’t stay stuck for a single second and ended up popping up like it was their job (PICTURES 2&3). I cannot even TELL you how frustrating that was. I thought Elmer’s glue was the best–and it’s not like I had an abundance of paint chips lying around… so I had to go BACK to home depot for the paint chips and then the kind sales people introduced me to Gorilla Glue— After re-cutting and reorganizing the paint chips I finally took a chance with this primate glue stuff and boy did it work (PICTURE 4). this stuff is made from heaven. I will never go back to Elmer’s, sorry childhood.

PICTURE 5 is a sample of what’s to come. Martha Stewart Paints have really good looking brochures so I snagged a bunch to try and create some sort of new art. Still have yet to glue this one.


1. Elmer’s glue is no longer my go-to glue

2. Paint Chip art can be frustrating without the right tools

3. I hope the BF is okay with me filling the new apartment with weird free art that I make on creative whims

4. It’s only free art until you realize you will have to get custom framing for this 18×18 work’o’art

DIY: Paint Chip Art–Who Knew?

1 Apr

Sorry I’ve neglected you, blog.

This past week has been absolutely insane. I’ve been spending all my time looking for a job and an apartment. It’s crazy to think that this DormStyler will soon become a non-dorm resident. How in the world will I make that transition from dormstyling to apartmentstyling… and WHAT will I call my blog? It seems insincere to keep at as dormstyler, don’t you think?

Anyway, in addition to everything else going on, I’ve been spending an obscene amount of time on Pinterest. Gosh, it is so incredibly addicting. While searching the do-it-yourself section I found this tutorial using those stacks of paint chips found at any home improvement store. How brilliant, right? It made me wonder how many amazing DIY art projects are out there with paint chips. I cannot wait to do ALL of these… especially the skyline one. I love that infinite inspiration can always be at my fingertips!

You can click on any of the pictures to get directed to the original sites to get the full tutorials. Gosh, how will I ever contain myself from making all of these? I have a feeling I will need a really strong vacuum to get the thousands of paint chip pieces that fall on my dorm room floor. WHOOPS.