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For Lack of Creativity… Happy List

29 Sep

I’ve seen happy lists on two of my fave blogs, Taza and Husband as well as Cupcakes and Cashmere. My creativity levels have been completely depleted this past week, so for lack of any creativity this is my happy list. I will get back to dormstyling soon I pinky promise!

1. Arts and crafts with the roomies instead of going out on a Thursday night

2. Corn salad with rice wine vinegar at Commons (Finally!)

3. This picture the BF sent me when I was having a bad day, he knows me too well

4. Wearing my favorite fall jacket for the first time this week without sweating

5. Watching Andre with my roomies and crying the WHOLE time. Don’t pay attention to IMDB’s 5.3/10 rating, they’re stupid anyways. It was a life changing film

5. Champagne + Orange Juice = I love Mimosas

6. Playing intramural soccer and almost (really!…kinda) scoring a goal

7. Friday yoga classes with Jules

8. Setting up wine and cheese night for parents weekend

9. $3.99 bouquets at Shaws that aren’t hideous

10. Thinking of 9 real reasons so I can skimp out on a tenth


Weekend: According to my iPhone

25 Sep

Here is my weekend in photos. Instagram makes even the ugliest photos look cool. The BF calls it “hip-stagram” so according to him, this is my hip weekend…

Sundays are hands down the worst day of the week in college because you’re forced to face all the homework you didn’t do Friday and Saturday. I usually feel guilty every Sunday for not using my time wisely, but not this time. I had a great weekend of doing nothing and I don’t care one bit. Here are a few shots of my weekend, including a day trip to New Hampshire, Varsity Soccer Game and general good eats. The only bummer is that I have this god-awful cold that just WON’T go away no matter how much orange juice I drink or how many vitamin C pills I pop. Gosh, being sick in college is simply the worst! Thankfully, my overly-obsessive-and-organized mother made a “Sick Kit” for me with all the medications a sick college girl would ever need… including some really organic weird pills that smell like horse feed. EW. But thanks Mom…

Missing the Roar of the T

21 Sep

It’s been one month exactly since we packed up that little studio apartment off Commonwealth Ave and returned to school. And as the school work really settles in (none of that first-week back stuff) I find myself missing Boston more than ever. Around this time next year I anticipate I’ll be wishing for the exact opposite; that I could be a college student for oneee more year. But it’s seems to be true that the grass is always greener on the other side and right now I’m just nostalgic and procrastinating work… AGAIN… whoops.

Here are some pictures of this wonderful date night we had out in Boston. Groupon had a great deal for Boston Harbor Cruises, and for 20 bucks we had a scenic cruise for two. Isn’t Groupon just the best?

Here are a few shots the BF took with his iphone. My favorite by far is the last one. Doesn’t Boston just look so beautiful?

Until Winter, I love you Maine

18 Sep

I absolutely hate cold weather–eh, more than hate, I abhor cold weather. You’re probably thinking, why the heck would you choose to go to school in MAINE of all places if you hate the cold so much? Great question, I still don’t have an answer.

One thing is for certain, there is nothing more beautiful than Maine in the fall. And while the weather is still above 50 degrees (for the next three weeks) I’ve been taking advantage of the outdoors. This past weekend, the Outing Club hosted it’s semi-annual clambake. And although I don’t eat clams, lobstah, or any other of those creepy ocean crawlers, I do love a good clambake. I spent the day with some of my favorite people playing tag football, throwing frisbee and basking in the beautiful fall weather that Maine has to offer.

The outing club does such a stellar job. If you know the right people (which I obviously do) you can get away with eating 3 lobsters for 8 bucks. Who needs fancy-pants restaurants now? It was a great day to play with my camera and get a bunch of fun pics, my favorite is the middle shot of the BF gripping his next prey. That boy loves his lobster. I’m already getting pumped for the May clambake.

Here we go again…

13 Sep

You probably wouldn’t expect this–but I can honestly follow a football game. And while there’s something so exciting about tackling and blitzes, I am not quite prepared for another football season. For a while there I was teased with this notion of a lock-out; and for a brief period of time I had a glimmer of hope that my boyfriend would pay attention to me on Sunday and the occasional Monday night. But no, here we are again… another football season is upon us. And again, the dining halls fill with biddies in jerseys. Go America.

I’ve been thinking of ways to make football more fun for myself. Lets be honest, no matter how important the game is, it’s nearly impossible for me to sit watching the game for 4 hours straight. You might be surprised to know that there are currently no specialty football cocktails, instead the drink of choice is beer–which has never been my drink of choice. I thought of making a kelly-green drink by adding food coloring to champagne but that idea got vetoed by the BF in a hot second. My next resort: baking. I found these adorable football cupcakes here and here and am just dying to make some. Plus, I’ll obviously get brownie points from all the boys who will think I’m cool and watch football when really all I wanna do is bake.

Also word from the wise: the last 10 minutes of a football game usually last 45 minutes so do NOT believe any boy who tells you he’ll “see you soon” because “there are only 10 minutes left on the clock.” Football clocks are always wrong.

Going Greek

11 Sep

One of my favorite events held off campus is the annual Greek festival. This year, the festival seemed especially appropriate in order to honor KME’s rich heritage. Also, I am finally 21 so I could try that “specialty Greek drink” my elders had always talked about.

The festival is always the same: a big group of yaya’s (Greek for Grandma’s) ask you whether you are Greek–tell you to marry a Greek man regardless of your answer–and then tell you how delicious the baklava, gyros, and roasted chicken are. Don’t even bother arguing with them that you just ate dinner at commons, a Greek yaya will never back down from feeding.

As for the “specialty Greek drink” it’s called Ouzo. I’m getting nauseous just thinking about that licorice flavored vodka thing. Ignore all the comradery and opa’s–resist the peer pressure whatever you do. Regardless of my little run in with ouzo, it was a wonderful evening of Greek food, Greek yaya’s and Greek dancing!

Hepburn, Who?

8 Sep

I want to start off this post by saying that I consider myself well-versed in all things girly, pearly and fun. For those of you who know me well, what I am about to say may surprise you: I have never seen an Audrey Hepburn movie.

Now that you are all over the initial shock of what I just said, let me explain! I didn’t even realize that Audrey Hepburn was a big deal until I got to college and saw posters in every girls room I entered. After going to a poster session today I realize that I have seriously fallen short in the girl category. Where was I when girls watched Audrey Hepburn movies? This is probably going to turn into one of those “my mother didn’t teach me about womanhood” things… but I can’t help but wonder, who is this Audrey biddy anyways?

My next mission is 1. find out why everyone talks about Breakfast At Tiffany’s when it’s not even ranked the number one movie by Audrey Hepburn and 2. Watch a few of the “classics” that I missed out on including Sabrina, Funny Face, Roman Holiday, and obviously Breakfast at Tiffs.

I would add that to the Bucket List but I’m already afraid of the response I’m going to receive from my roomies when they read this. In the meantime I will have to rebuild part of my relationship with the BF, this new confession shook him up quite a bit… he told me he felt cheated! What!