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Current Pinterest Inspiration

30 Jul

If you’ve read this before, you know that I absolutely love Pinterest. I mean, how could you not? Here are a few pinterest posts that are resonating with my mood lately:

(1) How-To fruit simple syrups. I’m dying to make some to spruce up everyday cocktails (2) Although I’m not a Lobster eater, I am dying to go back to Maine, and still haven’t checked that one off my Summer Checklist (3) Plum Galette. As plum prices go down, my consumption goes up (basic supply & demand)… but eating them like apples has gotten a little boring, so I’m excited to try a new recipe to really highlight their¬†versatility¬†(4) Little succulents. I was home last weekend and my mom had an adorable succulent display–so clearly now I’m trying to figure out a creative way to insert these into our apartment (5) Glittery Champagne. Need I say more?


Day Trip to Rockport

2 Jul

This past weekend the BF and I drove up to Rockport, Massachusetts for lunch. Rockport is this tiny fishing-turn-tourist-town about an hour outside of Boston. Neither of us have ever really been to the North Shore and were excited to explore what it had to offer. The weather forecast was supposed to be rainy and overcast, but somehow it cleared up right in time for lunch. We went to The Fish Shack for their famous Lobster Roll and then grabbed some ice cream at one of their local creameries. It was such a wonderful way to escape the city, even if just for a couple of hours.

Big Kid Arts and Crafts

8 Mar

Who says you can’t be creative in college?

For as long as I can remember, I was a huge arts & crafts fan. This can probably be attributed to my mother–a fabric artist–who taught us all how to sew at really young ages. Although I absolutely hated sewing and quilting growing up (what a little rebel) it turns out the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, because lately I cannot get enough. My sophomore year in college my mom had her old Bernina sewing machine fixed so that I could have one up at school. After semester of making Halloween and themed dance costumes, I finally decided to make my own quilt.

And let me tell you, cutting fabric is a lot easier when you can use your mom’s two-car garage studio instead of the laundry room in the basement of your dorm. Regardless, I’d say it turned out pretty well.

After hours of painting for my costume design class I decided to make a Lobster…

Until Winter, I love you Maine

18 Sep

I absolutely hate cold weather–eh, more than hate, I abhor cold weather. You’re probably thinking, why the heck would you choose to go to school in MAINE of all places if you hate the cold so much? Great question, I still don’t have an answer.

One thing is for certain, there is nothing more beautiful than Maine in the fall. And while the weather is still above 50 degrees (for the next three weeks) I’ve been taking advantage of the outdoors. This past weekend, the Outing Club hosted it’s semi-annual clambake. And although I don’t eat clams, lobstah, or any other of those creepy ocean crawlers, I do love a good clambake. I spent the day with some of my favorite people playing tag football, throwing frisbee and basking in the beautiful fall weather that Maine has to offer.

The outing club does such a stellar job. If you know the right people (which I obviously do) you can get away with eating 3 lobsters for 8 bucks. Who needs fancy-pants restaurants now? It was a great day to play with my camera and get a bunch of fun pics, my favorite is the middle shot of the BF gripping his next prey. That boy loves his lobster. I’m already getting pumped for the May clambake.