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Web Find: Uncommon Goods

31 Aug

I probably spend way too much time on the internet, but how else would I find cool things to post about? I stumbled upon this website and have been hooked ever since. I mean, how many places can think of a classy way to drink bagged wine?! Here are a few of my faves:

1. Wine Sack. A little pricey and really unnecessary–but it’s way more chic than carrying a bag of Franzia in a tote.

2. Avocado Salt and Pepper Shaker

3. iPhone Alarm Dock. I may just have to buy this one for the BF for his upcoming birthday. Sorry to ruin the surprise…

4. Cardboard Animal Heads. For the PETA-conscious people out there

5. Beer Making Kits (part II of ruining birthday surprises)

6. Take out Menu Organizer. Who wants to rummage through a draw full of take out menus when you can have this bad boy?


DIY: Dorm Styler

29 Aug

Waiting for Irene to hit made Saturday a very boring day. And it wasn’t until two thirty in the morning that I heard even a peep from that hurricane. In the midst of the faux-hurricane… or furricane I decided to get my arts and crafts on inside.

Last week at HomeGoods I saw this amazing looking frame; it appeared to have newspaper clippings as the matted board–but when I looked closely they weren’t real newspaper clippings or even articles with complete sentences. I thought to myself, “Come on, HomeGoods, you can do better than this!” and then decided that in fact, I could do better than this.. and so spurred my newest idea. It was very easy, very fun, all you will need is:

1. Stack of old books you don’t care about

2. A 8×10 framing board with a 5×7 picture opening–can be purchased at any craft store

3. A 8×10 frame. I suggest something simple because the board will be so busy

4. Mod Podge. My love.

I found a huge stack of old books from high school–most of which had every paragraph on every single page highlighted (did I really think that was helpful?). I was lucky enough to find a few blank pages from some of my favorite Shakespeare plays including The Taming of The Shrew–which I found oddly reminiscent of growing up in a family with three girls. I clipped random pages from various plays and a few of my favorite Walt Whitman and John Keats poems to make this frame.

Take the clippings, mod podge them down, and cut so that the opening looks crisp, and voila!

Dear Irene…

27 Aug

I’m the type of person that goes back-to-school shopping in June. Everyone knows the shelves will be empty if you try to buy school supplies the day before school starts. But here I am, the eve before a Hurricane, completely and utterly unprepared–and worse, I’m babysitting my youngest sister. My parents, on the other hand, prepared exceptionally well for this natural disaster. My mom’s flight from Tahoe scheduled to arrive tonight has been cancelled so she will have to spend a few more days relaxing. My dad and 16 year old sister are scheduled to fly back from Africa tomorrow–but they thought ahead–so will probably be spending a day or two in some European country on an extended layover.

I never felt more like the kid who goes to Staples the night before school as I did today. And just like the kid who has to buy the ugly color notebook… I couldn’t buy anything to prepare my house for the storm. After going to two grocery stores AND target, I came out with peanut butter, cereal, and soup. Not a single D+ battery or bottle of water. Of course, there was purified baby water still available, but I politely declined.

Moral of the story: be prepared. Second moral: always pack a rain coat.

Baking for Every Taste

25 Aug

This is not a baking blog, not in the least. When I told my friend Mike I was starting a blog he said “make sure it’s not a cooking blog–99% of all blogs today are cooking blogs.” And god forbid I ever do something so mainstream! But, low and behold, here I am blogging about my scone adventure.

Growing up in a big family, one thing is for certain–everyone has an opinion; and that is no different when it comes to taste. My youngest sister loves chocolate and my mother abhors it. We’re pretty complicated. I wanted to bake something that could meet everyone’s taste without having to bake six separate treats. The solution: scones! I found a very basic recipe for a simple scone and then scavenged the kitchen for tasty combinations. What I ended up was four different flavors: 1. Brown Sugar, Oatmeal and Walnut; 2. Vanilla and Blueberry; 3. Milk Chocolate and Walnut; and 4. Sharp Cheddar Cheese and Dill.

They were a hit with everyone, thankfully. I even got some help from my favorite pup cleaning up the pieces of cheese that fell on the ground. The hardest part of leaving home for college is undoubtably, without a doubt in my mind–leaving my dog at home. I could write a whole blog about how much I love my dog, but don’t worry I will spare you all.

Sisterhood of The Snail Mail

25 Aug

Remember how exciting it was to receive invitations in the mail? It seems like once you leave for school, the only invitations you receive are fundraising events from the college–which are hardly exciting. My newest art project seeks to bring back the joy of snail mail to the collegiate nightlife.

My school doesn’t have sororities or fraternities. GASP, I know. Although I never considered myself a sorority girl in the least, I’ve become a little envious of sisterhood crew neck sweatshirts, koozies, and all types of accessories. But who needs to be part of an accredited sorority anyways? My five closest girl friends (who are also my suite mates!) and I have started our own sorority: Kappa Mu Epsilon–the combination of all our first initials. KME is also a mathematic honor society founded in 1930 which is extremely fitting for six humanity majors. Welcome to the sisterhood of math geeks!

All it took was some serious tracing, colored pens and a little creativity. I really hope that we use these little invitations once the school year begins. Our sorority flower has become the Mum simply because it was the only flower stamp I had in my house. Also, please don’t show up at our suite this Saturday at 9:30, the party has been postponed.

Etsy Find: Vintage Maps

24 Aug

I think I’m starting to see a pattern here… I have a slight obsession with topographical home decor. First, Ork Posters then Etsy Heartstring Pillows… and now, Stories Divinations vintage maps. Although the majority of my previous posts have been about Boston, my yearning for meaningful decorations spans beyond my summers in the Commonwealth State.  For the past four years, Maine has been my home away from home, and it boggles my mind to think that in nine short months I will be graduating from college. Although I have NO intention of ever living in Maine again (sorry, the winters are simply dreadful), I know that the college chapter of my life will forever be tied to Vacationland. For this reason, I have been searching for  a perfect vintage map of this large–and dare I say–beautiful state.

Stories Divinations has a wonderful collection of maps taken from old atlases. I believe this one is from a 1939 Atlas–so cool. Additionally, they have some very neat notebooks and old recipe journals from the 50s. I highly recommend checking them out.

Dorm-Friendly Jewelry Storage: Part II

21 Aug

Now that I have left the corporate world (oh how I miss you, Keds) I have been spending a lot more time preparing for school. This summer I realized I have far more jewelry than my little Target jewelry box can hold so I’ve been looking for even more ways to store jewelry in my dorm room. Here are a few more organization options for those of you who carry a lot of bling.

1. Bird Jewelry Dish from Pottery Barn priced at $19

2. Bling Hangit from The Container Store priced at $9.99.

3. “Classic” Jewelry Box from Pottery Barn Teens priced at $35. Available in Black and Robin Egg Blue. Personalized monograms available!

4. Mirror Shelf Jewelry Holder from Urban Outfitters priced at $39, available exclusively online.

5. Grooved Acrylic Jewelry Stands from The Container Store; necklace stand priced at $9.99 and bracelet stand at $7.99.

6. Kaleidoscope Jewelry Stand from Urban Outfitters priced at $34.