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Life Lately According to my iPhone

23 Apr

(1) Business trip to NY on a beautiful April day (2) Pizza night at our place (3) Half-Margherita-Half-No-Cheese-Veggie Pizza because relationships are all about compromise (4) Season-opener at Fenway Park (5) Plus Soft Pretzel (6) Beautiful bouquet from the BF after a long week (7) Saturday brunch at our go-to Church while trip planning (8) Cold War Kids concert at Paradise Rock Club in Allston (9) Can’t get enough of that skyline (10-11) SPRING finally IN BOSTON


Boston Strong

19 Apr

As most of you are probably aware, it has been a crazy week for Boston. Currently the BF and I are in lockdown in our apartment trying to get work done while listening to snippets of the news on the TV. As you are all aware, I love this city and am proud to call Boston my home.

Easy Homemade: Hummus

16 Apr

I absolutely love Hummus. I’m partial to Sabra, but really any hummus (as long as it’s smooth and creamy) will do. I have fond memories of mashing chickpeas by hand on Friday morning at my Jewish summer camp so that the whole camp could have homemade hummus for dinner. Although I was willing to mash bucket of chickpeas then, I have since lost all patience for such activities. Luckily, with a handy-dandy food processor, I no longer have to put any elbow grease into making hummus. Making homemade hummus is surprisingly easy, and most of the ingredients you probably have lying around anyways.

What you’ll need for plain hummus:

1. one can (16oz) of chickpeas/garbanzo beans

2. olive oil

3. salt & pepper

4. garlic

5. lemons or lemon juice (even from concentrate) will do


That said, we had lots of fresh basil left over from when we made homemade margherita pizza earlier in the week, so I figured why not make basil hummus… so I threw some leaves in

Then hit the blend botton….

…and voilà! easy homemade hummus

I cannot wait to try to make so many more hummus creations!

Micro Life

14 Apr

For someone who complains s0 much about wanting an apartment with more space, I have an unusual obsession with micro-lofts and apartments. What is a micro-loft? Imagine if an apartment was set up like an apple product package, everything fits so perfectly together that you can maximize utility with minimal space. In another life (where I would give away 75% of what I own) I would move to a micro-loft and live like an ikea package.


But come’on, I lived in a dorm room for 4 years. Can’t that be enough?

Sister, Sister

8 Apr

Last weekend, my youngest sister Katie and the BF’s little sister C came down to visit us. They are both freshman in high school and are friends via instagram, twitter and other social media platforms. After years in the making, we finally got them together for a weekend with the BF and I. It was so much fun! We did so many quintessential Boston activities that the BF and I take for granted too often.

We miss you, sisters!!

Life Lately: According to My iPhone

2 Apr

March flew by so fast. I cannot believe it’s April. Here are som snip-its of things I forgot to post as time slipped through my hands:

(1) View of Boston from our flight to DC for Passover (2) Boys ruining our Les Mis sing along with a jig of their own (3) The BF and I spending an evening at Neighborhoods Cafe researching for our upcoming trip (4) Left-over Chicken, Orzo & Spinach soup (5) Celebrating my college roommate’s new job in DC with some Prosecco at Blue Dragon … although I will miss her terribly here in Boston (6) Creating my own little indoor herb garden (7) Said herb garden in full force (8) My new butter dish from West Elm (9) Baking process of home-made oreo chocolate chip cookies (10) Finally tried the Gourmet Dumpling House…and one time’s the charm.