For Lack of Creativity… Happy List

29 Sep

I’ve seen happy lists on two of my fave blogs, Taza and Husband as well as Cupcakes and Cashmere. My creativity levels have been completely depleted this past week, so for lack of any creativity this is my happy list. I will get back to dormstyling soon I pinky promise!

1. Arts and crafts with the roomies instead of going out on a Thursday night

2. Corn salad with rice wine vinegar at Commons (Finally!)

3. This picture the BF sent me when I was having a bad day, he knows me too well

4. Wearing my favorite fall jacket for the first time this week without sweating

5. Watching Andre with my roomies and crying the WHOLE time. Don’t pay attention to IMDB’s 5.3/10 rating, they’re stupid anyways. It was a life changing film

5. Champagne + Orange Juice = I love Mimosas

6. Playing intramural soccer and almost (really!…kinda) scoring a goal

7. Friday yoga classes with Jules

8. Setting up wine and cheese night for parents weekend

9. $3.99 bouquets at Shaws that aren’t hideous

10. Thinking of 9 real reasons so I can skimp out on a tenth


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