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Dear September…

31 Aug

Dear September, I am ready (and waiting) for you. I know this might come as a surprise because I complain so much about winter, but Fall is one of my absolute favorite seasons and I cannot wait for those crisp fall nights, the abundance of apples and finally getting to wear boots again.

and I can’t wait to cook warm food for dinner

and not sweat on the walk to work

and sleep with the windows open

and drink hot tea

The only thing I’m not excited for: Football Season. Don’t even get me started.

Here are some snap shots from my previous falls at school. I am so incredibly excited for what a fall in Boston will look like.


Small(er) Space Living

22 Aug

You can pretty much assume that if something is small and cute, I will like it. Take mini cupcakes or gingerbread-type houses on martha’s vineyard. I love them all. However, now that I’m living in 750 sq foot apartment, I have learned that sometimes small and cute isn’t always better than… say spacious and cute?

Regardless, I should be thrilled to have 750 square feet to call my own. And here are lots of muuuuch small spaces that made it work. It gives me hope that if I were to ever need do down-size, I could do it with cute-ness intact.

So basically, a smaller square footage will also mean that I will get rid of all the junk? I mean seriously, where are they keeping their 40+ pairs of shoes? Or their jackets-for-every-possible-occasion? And most importantly, where will my (future) two dogs stay?

For the sake of all things small and cute, I’m willing to take this future challenge.

Preparing for Restaurant Week

19 Aug

This past week was one of those “I don’t feel like cooking” weeks where the BF and I found ourselves eating take out and going out more than usual.  But in hindsight I know that we were just preparing ourselves (and our wallets) for restaurant week here in Boston. We haven’t yet made a plan of action regarding which restaurants on which nights… but seeing as though our fridge is currently empty, I have a feeling we will be making our way out more than in.

(1) Pad Thai and Basil Chili Chicken at Rod Dee’s right around the corner from us (2) Drinks at Back Bay Social Club after a particularly long Tuesday (3) Union Bar and Grill in the South End to celebrate the BF’s MCAT scores–if you had any doubt, he did fantastically! I think it was the surprise party that really pushed the points (4) Red Lantern in the South End with a coworker on Thursday night where we got DELICIOUS cocktails and some amazing crunchy tuna rolls

DormStyler does Africa Part III

8 Aug

More from the Bush…

(1) Beautiful sunset in Krueger (2) Elephant herd (with babies!!) by the river (3) Casual White Rhino (4) Leopard with kill in lower left-hand corner… enough nature to make anyone want to become a vegetarian (5) Warthog family–if Puma wasn’t enough, these little guys are actually completely adorable… just look at those little baby piglets with their mama (6) Optical illusion to make Bro look like he’s frolicking with the Meerkats (7) Realistic shot (8) Young Lion pride in the Kalahari (9) Young Lion lounging in the shade (10) Lola… we miss her dearly! (11) Young Lion pride from Krueger (12) Elephant Bulls knocking down trees and being bad asses

DormStyler does Africa Part II

3 Aug

I arrived yesterday afternoon to JFK after 13 days abroad. My entire american family (16 people) + some favorite additions (the BF and my brother’s GF) spent eleven days in Africa. It was absolutely amazing, and I cannot wait to share so much of our adventures. It was such a wonderful vacation–and having started work two days after graduation, this trip was kind of like my entire summer vacation for this year. And probably the most memorable one at that.

My brother, his girlfriend, the BF and I all flew together from JFK to Frankfurt and got to spend a day in Germany…Although it probably isn’t the most glamorous of the German cities, we got to do all the staples: beer, pretzels and some funny looking sausages in our 12 hours there. Then we met up with my parents and sisters to jetset as a family to Johannesburg where we spent an entire day exploring Soweto and Nelson Mandela’s house. But then the real vacation began: we spent four nights in Kirkman’s Kamp a private reserve right outside Krueger National Park. The first few photos below are from there. And then when we thought we had seen it all, we flew to Tswalu, the largest private game reserve in Africa (250k acres) where we had the entire place to ourselves!

It was an amazing two weeks

(1) My brother Michael and his GF Mia at Kirkman’s Kamp on the first day (2) Our amazing ranger Lennox who we all miss dearly (3) Our bungalow at Kirkman’s–straight from Restoration Hardware (4) My youngest cousin, Noah and the lion that wanted to play with him (4) the BF and the young leopoard (5) First drive at Tswalu in the Kalahari Desert (6) the BF and my youngest sister Katie staring out at the Kalahari (7) My grandparents, me and (yes, it really is!) the BF (8) Two giraffes at the water hole (9) Our Villa at Tswalu (10) Young Lion pride walking casually past our vehicle (11) and last, the BF and the five week old giraffe that was abandoned by it’s mother when it was only a few days old–she stole the BF’s heart–she doesn’t have a name yet, but I like to call her Lola