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New Year, New Blog… So Much To Come

31 Dec

It doesn’t take one of my avid readers to realize that this blog has been slightly neglected over the past few months.

Although one would think that there would be more freedom after college, it sometimes feel as though it was the other way around. Some of the necessities that present themselves in the real world are completely absent in college life. And although sometimes I pine for my old life back, I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. So here goes, DormStyler Part II: Life in Boston after college… with the BF, of course.

Happy New Year!


Winter In Boston

11 Dec

Winters in Boston (until now) have been all together a foreign concept to me. Until now, I have only spent summers here–in the scorching heat. But now, I see the whole other side. The side of this mushy-rain-snow and busy sidewalks. Waiting for the T outside in the cold after forgetting my hat and gloves because I was rushing out the door. This is my life in Winter. And I guess I cannot complain really, because really it’s been a joke of a winter thus far. I mean I had iced coffee today so it really can’t be that bad.

Anyways, this is what my winter has looked like this far:




(1) Night out in Cambridge to see Harvard’s modern rendition of Macbeth (2) Two of our newest ornaments: a Maine Lobster and a Driedel (3) Wine list at Tory Row (4) Followed by a delicious Downeast Cider brought to you by three Bates alumni (5) Prepping my chicken sausage, kale, and white bean stew (6) Said stew brewing (6) Stew again…but this time at work.

Needless to say, my winter thus far has been filled with crisp nights, cold brews and lots and lots of soups and stews.

My recipe came from a combination of a few I’ve seen online: