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What’s For Dinner

24 Jun

This is not a food blog, but this is DEFINITELY a food post.

Luckily for us, the BF and I both really like cooking and exploring different recipes. We’ve been trying to cook almost every night of the week–trying to eat out maybe one night a week or maybe two if we’re feeling really lazy. Here are some pictures of what we’ve been cooking and where we’ve been going out.  We’ve been using lots of summer veggies and avocado in anything and everything.

I promise that apartment-styling posts will be coming soon, we’re almost almost done with decorating. Stay tuned

(1) grilled chicken/steak tip salad (2) The BF’s beer battered fish tacos from here; we used Brooklyn Beer’s Summer Ale but really any beer will work (3) turkey burgers with grilled onions and fresh avocado (4) Vanity from Church (5) Panko crusted chicken from here roasted with potatoes and sweet potatoes (6 & 7) a Friday afternoon spent at the Phantom Gourmet’s BBQ in downton Boston (8) Grapefruit-Vodka-Seltzer at Church

I’ve been loving grapefruit this summer and have found my fix right around the corner at this very chic restaurant and music hall Church. If you’re ever in the Fenway area I highly recommend it.


Baking: Full Kitchen Style

17 Jun

So way back when, I posted this about what it was like to bake in college. And although I miss 99.9% of college life, I have to tell you, baking in a full kitchen with a DISHWASHER is far better than any of those cramped baked goods I made at school.

and not to mention that now I have a KitchenAid standing mixer

Dreams do come true


Anyway, last weekend the BF flew out to Minnesota to attend (and present!) in a health economics conference. What a smarty pants, I know! And just like I posted about the BF leaving in July of 2011, I wanted to make something special for him when he came back home. This past Christmas his wonderful grandmother gave me her secret recipe for mocha frosting (the BF’s ultimate favorite)–and thus I was inducted into the small group who know the secrets of mocha frosting and can utilize their powers to woo boys. And since I am sworn to secrecy and cannot share the recipe I wanted to show you some similar (yet, definitely not as good) mocha frosting recipes if these pictures strike your fancy: recipe 1, recipe 2, recipe 3.

 But once I got my kitchenaid (thanks, mom!) the baking didn’t stop

 The BF and I are currently seeking the BEST homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe. I used this one (sans walnuts) last night for perfectly chewy-yet-crisp cookies.  But I’m always looking for more so please share any recipes you might have!

Lost and Found: Photos!

12 Jun

Around this time last year I bought myself a Cannon Rebel EOS. It’s been so much fun taking pictures with that big ole thing but I always, ALWAYS forget to upload them to my computer. So here is a mixed selection from the past year. Welcome to the internet, photos.

What I love about a good camera is that no matter what, the photo will turn out looking fantastic. Even the worst photographer in the world (cough, cough my dad) will turn out like a masterpiece.

Photos include (1) Friends in Acadia (2) Roomie Kels at Squam (3) BF and I apple picking in early October (4) View from Hancock (5) Sandwich, NH (6) BWilla reading the Hunger Games (finally!) at Hancock (7) Squam Lake at Dusk

DormStyler styles Apartment: Part I

10 Jun

We’ve been at the apartment for about ten days, and JUST starting to feel settled in. We have this great big wall and absolutely no idea how to fill it. Luckily for me, the BF always comes to the rescue when my creative juices are at an all time low. A frame wall, duh.

So lately I’ve been doing some research on how to make a frame wall

I’m still working on getting one of those mastiffs in the first picture but the BF won’t flinch. Doesn’t he know that a house isn’t a home without a dog? What am I to do?

Life Post Graduation: A Week In Boston

6 Jun

I should feel worse for neglecting this little blog of mine, but boy have I had the craziest week ever. I graduated last Sunday, began work on Tuesday, moved into my new apartment on Friday, went home Monday, flew back to Boston Tuesday and woke up at the ripe hour of 7:00am to go to work on Wednesday all over again.

So give me a break

Here are some updates from the past week, some pictures of the apartment and just life in general

pictures include

(1) Nothing quite like Boston traffic to make you miss driving on 95 in northern maine (2) Stage one of unpacking (3) Our new dresser purchased at the beloved Ikea (4) My new nightstand with peonies from the BF’s house and a decorative wine bottle (5) Foot traffic on my walk home from the T stop (6) First grocery store trip to get the “bare essentials” …that really worked out (7) My youngest sister singing Jason Mraz’s “I Won’t Give Up” better than Jason himself at her 8th grade graduation