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Ode to KitchenAid Standing Mixers

29 Feb

For some reason, I have always wanted my own KitchenAid standing mixer. It’s entirely and completely impractical for a recent college grad to own. How much mixing will I really be doing? Especially considering that most of my cooking will consist of defrosting prepackaged meals and concocting stir-frys. But there is just something so simple, sophisticated and almost regal about those shiny appliance that I can’t help but want one. so. badly.

Like any good daughter, I blame this obsession on my mother (and her shiny white KitchenAid appliance). After years of watching her mix cookie batter and homemade ice cream, how could I NOT want one of my own?

In an ideal world I would have a little kitchen like this with a little yellow KitchenAid mixer placed casually on a table… or maybe an Avocado colored one. Okay, let me dream.

Every so often, RueLaLa, Gilt or Joss & Main will pop up with a sale of KitchenAid mixers. Just yesterday, RueLaLa had them for $179… which, if you don’t know anything about these little works of art, is a damn good deal! And yet, if I can’t bring myself to buy one on a private timed-sale site, then I certainly won’t be buying one full price.

I suppose happiness doesn’t usually come in a butter-yellow aluminum kitchen appliance, but maybe, just maybe for this DormStyler it does.

In the mean time I should probably think more about realistic appliances such as an iron or microwave. But gosh, aren’t those so boring in comparison? I think I will settle for this necklace on Etsy and call it a day.


DormStyler does Bahamas part II

27 Feb

Going back to school is always so bittersweet. There is nothing I love more than seeing my friends in Commons again after time apart to catch up… but then I’m always faced with a heap of work I neglected during break. This week in Maine has been particularly cold (thanks winter for teasing us with warm weather) and am wishing more than ever that I was back in the sandy beaches of Nassau rather than midland Maine.

Here are Part II of the Bahamas Pictures

the BF captured these photos of me “gambling”… I don’t understand how people sit at slot machines all day. I lost two dollars and called it quits. It was too nerve-wrecking

We attended an art auction on the boat the last day. We went for the free champagne but stayed for the refills. The art itself was hideous. I took a picture of the worst of the worst. Nobody bid on those puzzle masterpieces even though the starting bid was $1100 don’t these people know anything about art?

DormStyler does Bahamas part I

26 Feb

This is easily the longest I’ve gone without blogging… sorry I’m not sorry I was in the Bahamas

That was a little sassy, I am sorry about that. I’m finally back in Maine after a ten day adventure. The BF and I found killer deals for a four-night cruise to the Bahamas on Royal Caribbean in January and booked our first vacation together! It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. There is so much I wanna say about the cruise and the beaches and the strawberry daiquiris but I would surely lose your attention, so I’m dividing my vacation into portions… that way you HAVE to keep coming back to dormstyler 🙂

Here are some shots of our vacation… well mostly shots of the beach and me because the BF is annoying and wants to remain anonymous… let me see how many pictures I can squeeze in of him without revealing his identity (don’t worry, he’s not a celebrity)

I love the picture of the BF reading the Economist while I read Jane Eyre. I can’t decide whether that makes us sophisticated or a couple of losers… I’m going with the former for my own sake. Also if you’re wondering why I chose a book like Jane Eyre to read on my beach vacation (as opposed to, let me think… any other book) is because Amazon offers free classics for Kindles… so lately I’ve been rereading every book I was forced to read in ninth grade. Up next, A Picture of Dorian Gray… As long as I have a Kindle (Thanks Gramum!) I will be taking full advantage of expired copyrights.

Maine Skiing

13 Feb

Being a second semester senior certainly has it’s perks… like being able to schedule my classes so that I always have Friday’s off. This past Friday, instead of sleeping in until noon, I was woken up at the crack of dawn (7:30) to spend the day skiing at Sunday River. It was one of the most beautiful days we’ve had this winter and I was so happy to spend it on the mountain. Maine has had a generally mild winter thus far–I think it’s Mother Nature’s way of apologizing to me for the past three years–so I was particularly happy to get some skiing in before what little snow remains melts away. I absolutely loved the drive to Sunday River, we went through all these little New England towns and even stopped at a local convenience store to pick up some subs for lunch. Is it possible that I’m SAD that winter is coming to an end? Everyone better bookmark this post ASAP because you will never hear me praising the cold ever again.

I ended up treating the BF to a brew at the Sunday River Brewing Company to thank him for all his patience with me during our ski trip. Relaxing in a warm lodge after a day of skiing was definitely the best way to end a day of skiing

iPhone Updates

7 Feb

I can’t believe we’re already a week into February

Here are some updates from the past week or so

Pictures include: Super Bowl last minute tension, Jalapeno Cheese dip, Buffalo Chicken Wings, DormStyler featured on Napkin Board, Paintings from Class, and Weather updates for Bahamas!

Super Bowl XLVI

5 Feb

I blame myself one-hundred percent. I totally jinxed myself early on in September when I cursed the day the lockout got sorted out. Not only have the BF’s favorite team made it to the playoffs… they made it to the Super Bowl.  I’m pretty much in a lose/lose situation. The Pats lose and the BF will be grumpy all week, watching the losing plays over and over again. BUT if the Pats win all he’ll ever want to do is talk about the winning plays over and over again.

So I’m doing what I do best at Football games… cook. I made a huge list of all these different dishes I wanted to fix up but the boys are insisting on ordering dominoes instead…  so I can only fix up a few dishes.

I was planning on making this Potato Skin dish until I realized (while at the grocery store) that the recipe also calls for a deep fryer. Are you kidding me? Who has deep fryers just hanging out ready to make “restaurant-style potato skins”–they also said to microwave the potatoes which just wouldn’t be practical when there are 20+ hungry boys and one small microwave.

The plan thus far: Cheesy Jalapeno Hot Dip, Football Cupcakes and Buffalo Chicken Wings

Check out all these weird football treats

I find the football cheese ball particularly disturbing… maybe because its covered in bacon?

New Found Blog: Honestly… WTF

1 Feb

As much as I love blogging myself, I love reading other peoples blogs even more. I’m constantly in awe of how creative an innovative people can be. I recently stumbled upon this blog “Honesty…WTF” that has an entire DIY section. I mean, does life get any better? Here are some of my favorites that I’m just dying to make. If only there were more hours in each day I could get everything I ever imagined done…

I can’t decide what I’m most anxious to make, the Miu Miu Jeweled Heels or the Elbow Patch Sweater… Or the Gold-Dipped Glassware