Senior Year Bucket List

6 Sep

Tonight was the first night my five suite mates and I were all here. After a long dinner in our beloved dinning hall, we came back to the room to address some very serious issues. The first of many KME meeting was called, and as the suite secretary I pretended to jot notes and asked that all members say “I” before moving on to the next topic. It’s hard to believe that tonight is officially the last night of summer and tomorrow I will embark on my senior year of college. Excuse me, where did the past three years of my life go?

Luckily, I have the most amazing suite mates/BFFs who care as much about making lists, being organized, and decorating dorms as I do. So tonight, we came together as sorority sisters to make an official Bucket List of all the things we want to do on campus and in Maine before we graduate. My favorite on the list thus far is “go to EVERY campus dance” including the freshman luau this upcoming weekend. Wish us luck.. and hopefully I won’t be mistaken for a freshman, AGAIN. Don’t they know how old I am??


2 Responses to “Senior Year Bucket List”


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