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What To Do With an Undergraduate Degree and a DormStyling Blog

30 May

It’s clear to see that I am in somewhat of a predicament. What to do with my dorm-life blog now that I am no longer living in a dorm. I am just going to cross that bridge when I get there… even if I have already crossed it.

Regardless, here are some updates of my crazy whirlwind of a graduation week. Oh boy, I have so much to share. STAY POSTED FOR MORE

Shots include: (1) last KME photo in our fave spot (2) second to last KME photo with the basketball boys across the hall (3) my roomie and BF getting inducted to Phi Beta Kappa like the smarties they are (4) my new fave picture of my brother and his wonderful girlfriend the night before graduation (5) Commencement (6) Robert De Niro getting an honorary Bates degree, nbd


In other news, I started work yesterday at one of my favorite online websites headquartered in South Boston AND the BF and I move into our new apartment in Boston on FRIDAY. It’s been the best week of my life so far, and it’s just going to keep getting better


The End of an Era

14 May

…and no, I’m not talking about college

I am talking about my ongoing relationship with mixed role productions


For some of you who have been following my blog since it’s humble beginnings in July of 2011, you might remember this post about mixed role productions. Their products have played a significant “role” in my day-to-day life… for the past 4 years of college I have meticulously written out every single event (and really, I mean EVERY) that did or would potentially take place. I will warn you, the images you are about to say may be disturbing to some individuals. Please, continue to read my future blog posts anyways.

 For most of my college career, my planners looked like this:

or this
or god forbid I stick a sticky note into my planner, and then I can’t even figure out what’s going on February 9th 2010
I think it is fair to say that I was an AVID planner user and that twenty years from now I will be making these same type of color-coded insanity for my children who will no doubt be micro managed by their crazy dormstyling mother… right?
The past two months have looked like this and I think it means I’m moving in the right (sane) direction
Regardless, I will miss my mixed role productions planners very much.

Bittersweet Birthday

7 May

My school has a 4-4-1 schedule, making the spring term the best ever. And it just so happens that my birthday falls on the first week of Spring Term every. single. year. Therefore I have had the most amazing birthday weeks EVER since arriving to school

And this year marked my last (pink) birthday in college

Highlights include: My mom’s delicious birthday cookies, one for each year and one to grow on (other cookies featured here and here), Baking pink cupcakes–thank god for neon pink food dye! Tricking my 16 year-old-sister into thinking the BF bought be a kitten…. which he didn’t but would have been a wonderful gift and lastly, Buffalo Wild Wings for drinks and appetizers with KME. I just love those girls

Life Lately: According to my iPhone

1 May

I love life lately posts. I get to showcase everything in a single snapshot.

So here is my life lately…

1. My school sold $7 tickets to the portland sea dogs game this past Sunday

2. Watched two of my extremely talented roommates play against the top ranked division 3 team… and kick butt

3. Ginger Champagne with my Mama although her Lychee Martini was pretty delicious too

4. Attempting to make Bakerella’s cake balls and ALMOST succeeding. A little clumpier than I wanted…

5. Got bumped up to first class on my most recent flight home to school.  Gosh I love you, airtran

6. GorillaGlue sent me a wonderful toolbox full of their products to help me continue crafting!

 6. A bloody mary from the birthday brunch at my house where I got one of these looks like all I need to do is write a good blog post and the presents will appear 🙂