Life Lately: According to my iPhone

1 May

I love life lately posts. I get to showcase everything in a single snapshot.

So here is my life lately…

1. My school sold $7 tickets to the portland sea dogs game this past Sunday

2. Watched two of my extremely talented roommates play against the top ranked division 3 team… and kick butt

3. Ginger Champagne with my Mama although her Lychee Martini was pretty delicious too

4. Attempting to make Bakerella’s cake balls and ALMOST succeeding. A little clumpier than I wanted…

5. Got bumped up to first class on my most recent flight home to school.  Gosh I love you, airtran

6. GorillaGlue sent me a wonderful toolbox full of their products to help me continue crafting!

 6. A bloody mary from the birthday brunch at my house where I got one of these looks like all I need to do is write a good blog post and the presents will appear 🙂


One Response to “Life Lately: According to my iPhone”

  1. Mom May 1, 2012 at 10:15 pm #

    Every wonderful daughter deserves her own stand mixer. . . . And my lychee martini was way better than your ginger champagne. Love you, birthday girl!

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