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Current Pinterest Inspiration

30 Jul

If you’ve read this before, you know that I absolutely love Pinterest. I mean, how could you not? Here are a few pinterest posts that are resonating with my mood lately:

(1) How-To fruit simple syrups. I’m dying to make some to spruce up everyday cocktails (2) Although I’m not a Lobster eater, I am dying to go back to Maine, and still haven’t checked that one off my Summer Checklist (3) Plum Galette. As plum prices go down, my consumption goes up (basic supply & demand)… but eating them like apples has gotten a little boring, so I’m excited to try a new recipe to really highlight their versatility (4) Little succulents. I was home last weekend and my mom had an adorable succulent display–so clearly now I’m trying to figure out a creative way to insert these into our apartment (5) Glittery Champagne. Need I say more?


Summer Checklist

23 Jun



Every summer, I make a check list. This should not be surprising to you, if you’ve read this blog before. I’m really into check lists, mostly because I live for the feeling of crossing a to-do list item off. Such completion and finality. I just can’t get enough. In 2011, when I started this blog, I would frequently post check lists (like here, here, here and here). And because it is currently 93 degrees outside, and the sun won’t be setting for another three hours (bless you, summer!)–I figured it was about time, I get cracking on another summer list. And this summer, unlike every summer prior, I am going to make realistic goals that won’t overwhelm me:

1. Learn to can. What a weird summer goal, I know. I probably just miss Maine so much that I want to make enough blueberry jam to last me a lifetime.

2. Go on a camping trip… again, I think I miss Maine.

3. Make flavor-infused vodkas like this, this and this for the perfect summer cocktails

4. Make a photo album of my trip to Barcelona & Lisbon

5. One red sox game

6. Two visits to cities outside of New England


Six items to do before labor day. Wish me luck.

Winter In Boston

11 Dec

Winters in Boston (until now) have been all together a foreign concept to me. Until now, I have only spent summers here–in the scorching heat. But now, I see the whole other side. The side of this mushy-rain-snow and busy sidewalks. Waiting for the T outside in the cold after forgetting my hat and gloves because I was rushing out the door. This is my life in Winter. And I guess I cannot complain really, because really it’s been a joke of a winter thus far. I mean I had iced coffee today so it really can’t be that bad.

Anyways, this is what my winter has looked like this far:




(1) Night out in Cambridge to see Harvard’s modern rendition of Macbeth (2) Two of our newest ornaments: a Maine Lobster and a Driedel (3) Wine list at Tory Row (4) Followed by a delicious Downeast Cider brought to you by three Bates alumni (5) Prepping my chicken sausage, kale, and white bean stew (6) Said stew brewing (6) Stew again…but this time at work.

Needless to say, my winter thus far has been filled with crisp nights, cold brews and lots and lots of soups and stews.

My recipe came from a combination of a few I’ve seen online:

A Christmas Tree

27 Nov

We finally started decorating. I love how it looks from outside.

…now if only I could find all those Maine ornaments I bought this past weekend…


DIY: Coasters

2 Jul

Last year for Hanukkah my mom bought my brother and his girlfriend map coasters. She chose special places: each of their hometowns, where they met, their homes and where they live now (Murray Hill, Manhattan). I loved the idea so much–and didn’t want to have to wait for the holidays that I decided to venture out into craft world and make them myself. I found this tutorial while searching pinterest one day and just had to make them.

All you need is: mod podge, felt, any road atlas, water-resistant clear acrylic spray (I had a can left over from this project) and ceramic tiles

Just a warning: let the coasters sit for a long time after you mod-podge them down. That stuff does NOT dry quickly!


And for those of you out there who LOVE the idea but don’t want to take the time to make them (I promise it’s a quick project) here are some similar coasters I found on Etsy

(1) Chicago Coasters (2) Maine Coaster (3) Portland, Oregon Coasters (4) Virginia/Maryland/DC (5) The World

Lost and Found: Photos!

12 Jun

Around this time last year I bought myself a Cannon Rebel EOS. It’s been so much fun taking pictures with that big ole thing but I always, ALWAYS forget to upload them to my computer. So here is a mixed selection from the past year. Welcome to the internet, photos.

What I love about a good camera is that no matter what, the photo will turn out looking fantastic. Even the worst photographer in the world (cough, cough my dad) will turn out like a masterpiece.

Photos include (1) Friends in Acadia (2) Roomie Kels at Squam (3) BF and I apple picking in early October (4) View from Hancock (5) Sandwich, NH (6) BWilla reading the Hunger Games (finally!) at Hancock (7) Squam Lake at Dusk

Life Lately: According to my iPhone

1 May

I love life lately posts. I get to showcase everything in a single snapshot.

So here is my life lately…

1. My school sold $7 tickets to the portland sea dogs game this past Sunday

2. Watched two of my extremely talented roommates play against the top ranked division 3 team… and kick butt

3. Ginger Champagne with my Mama although her Lychee Martini was pretty delicious too

4. Attempting to make Bakerella’s cake balls and ALMOST succeeding. A little clumpier than I wanted…

5. Got bumped up to first class on my most recent flight home to school.  Gosh I love you, airtran

6. GorillaGlue sent me a wonderful toolbox full of their products to help me continue crafting!

 6. A bloody mary from the birthday brunch at my house where I got one of these looks like all I need to do is write a good blog post and the presents will appear 🙂