Plan Accoringly

12 Jul

 Staying organized and on top of your workload is the easiest way to succeed in college.  The individual schedules of each of your classes, clubs, and extracurricular activities are simply too much to remember. For some, staying on top of your work, means writing sticky notes and posting them all over their dorm room while others use their iCal or Outlook to electronically stay connected. For me, organization means one thing: writing it down in a planner.

My high school provided us with the coolest planners ever. They were based on the block scheduling and were called “hoppers” after our fierce mascot, the mighty grasshopper. I spent hours upon hours decorating, organizing, and color coding my planner. My senior year of high school the harsh realization set it: college doesn’t give you a hopper–they don’t help you organize, they expect you to do it on your own. Now, for someone who has a mild case of OCD… or as my younger sister calls my condition, “CDO” which is OCD in alphabetical order, the prospect of changing how I organize, color code and plan was beyond daunting. I set out to find the closest thing to a Hopper and came out with a new-found planning love: this.

Mixed Role Productions has this fabulous August to August planner that is perfect for the obsessive organizer whose “year” renews itself with each school year. Everything is laid out perfectly, providing monthly and weekly pages to fill out with extensive details and color-coded events. Every year, Mixed Role Productions produces these god-sent planners in four new colors, making each year something new. Recently I discovered that Mixed Role Productions is far more organic than I had ever known. I always purchase mine in mid July at The Container Store. However when reading up on them, I discovered that it’s a family business run out of Eugene, Oregon. The planners themselves were made in response to the complaints co-owner, Susan Gilmore heard from University of Oregon students. Additionally, for those of you consumers who are environmentally friendly (and savvy), the planners are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

Priced at $16.95, these planners are more pricey than an average run of the mill one, but they are worth every penny. If you really think about it, your planner is something you will use on a daily basis, if not multiple times a day. Seventeen dollars may seem like a lot for one of these bad boys, but give it a try, I promise you’ll be hooked. Next week I think I’ll go buy the 2011-2012 planner in Kiwi! Can’t wait!

2 Responses to “Plan Accoringly”

  1. Margaret Lara August 9, 2011 at 10:19 am #

    Thank you for writing a piece on our calendar! Your blog is really interesting and informative and we are very proud to be a part of it!


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