Bittersweet Birthday

7 May

My school has a 4-4-1 schedule, making the spring term the best ever. And it just so happens that my birthday falls on the first week of Spring Term every. single. year. Therefore I have had the most amazing birthday weeks EVER since arriving to school

And this year marked my last (pink) birthday in college

Highlights include: My mom’s delicious birthday cookies, one for each year and one to grow on (other cookies featured here and here), Baking pink cupcakes–thank god for neon pink food dye! Tricking my 16 year-old-sister into thinking the BF bought be a kitten…. which he didn’t but would have been a wonderful gift and lastly, Buffalo Wild Wings for drinks and appetizers with KME. I just love those girls


One Response to “Bittersweet Birthday”

  1. Mom May 10, 2012 at 7:20 pm #

    The kitten thing was NOT FUNNY!!!! Sarah texted mom, who totally freaked out, feeling like a kitty grandma for a few minutes before Sarah figured out it was a horrible joke. NOT FUNNY! But the cookies came out cute, didn’t they? Love you.

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