Better Than Vera

5 Sep

Vera Bradley has a collection of coin purses that are ideal for the average college student. I remember arriving to campus freshman year to sea of Vera Bradley wristlets in a multitude of preppy and floral patterns. While their signature “Carry it All Wristlet” is undeniably perfect for a college student, I have come to believe that there are a little too many Veras and not enough variety on campus. And how could I dare be part of the norm? The outcome: my own original coin purse.

If you know my family well, you probably know that my mother is an amazing textile artist. Having learned to sew at the ripe age of four (reluctantly, of course) I decided my mother’s studio was the prime place to go to make a wristlet of my own. She even had a huge selection of little button snaps to secure my coin purse (look at bottom right photo). And you thought I was organized!


One Response to “Better Than Vera”

  1. mom September 6, 2011 at 12:17 pm #

    Oh, honey. Thank you for the props (that’s how you say it, right?) Very cool fabric choices, very UN-Vera.

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