Weekend: According to my iPhone

25 Sep

Here is my weekend in photos. Instagram makes even the ugliest photos look cool. The BF calls it “hip-stagram” so according to him, this is my hip weekend…

Sundays are hands down the worst day of the week in college because you’re forced to face all the homework you didn’t do Friday and Saturday. I usually feel guilty every Sunday for not using my time wisely, but not this time. I had a great weekend of doing nothing and I don’t care one bit. Here are a few shots of my weekend, including a day trip to New Hampshire, Varsity Soccer Game and general good eats. The only bummer is that I have this god-awful cold that just WON’T go away no matter how much orange juice I drink or how many vitamin C pills I pop. Gosh, being sick in college is simply the worst! Thankfully, my overly-obsessive-and-organized mother made a “Sick Kit” for me with all the medications a sick college girl would ever need… including some really organic weird pills that smell like horse feed. EW. But thanks Mom…


One Response to “Weekend: According to my iPhone”

  1. mom October 1, 2011 at 10:54 pm #

    I put no organic horse feed in your sick kit. It may be decomposing Nyquil from freshman year. . . Hope you feel better, honey. Great pics!

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