Going Greek

11 Sep

One of my favorite events held off campus is the annual Greek festival. This year, the festival seemed especially appropriate in order to honor KME’s rich heritage. Also, I am finally 21 so I could try that “specialty Greek drink” my elders had always talked about.

The festival is always the same: a big group of yaya’s (Greek for Grandma’s) ask you whether you are Greek–tell you to marry a Greek man regardless of your answer–and then tell you how delicious the baklava, gyros, and roasted chicken are. Don’t even bother arguing with them that you just ate dinner at commons, a Greek yaya will never back down from feeding.

As for the “specialty Greek drink” it’s called Ouzo. I’m getting nauseous just thinking about that licorice flavored vodka thing. Ignore all the comradery and opa’s–resist the peer pressure whatever you do. Regardless of my little run in with ouzo, it was a wonderful evening of Greek food, Greek yaya’s and Greek dancing!


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