Until Winter, I love you Maine

18 Sep

I absolutely hate cold weather–eh, more than hate, I abhor cold weather. You’re probably thinking, why the heck would you choose to go to school in MAINE of all places if you hate the cold so much? Great question, I still don’t have an answer.

One thing is for certain, there is nothing more beautiful than Maine in the fall. And while the weather is still above 50 degrees (for the next three weeks) I’ve been taking advantage of the outdoors. This past weekend, the Outing Club hosted it’s semi-annual clambake. And although I don’t eat clams, lobstah, or any other of those creepy ocean crawlers, I do love a good clambake. I spent the day with some of my favorite people playing tag football, throwing frisbee and basking in the beautiful fall weather that Maine has to offer.

The outing club does such a stellar job. If you know the right people (which I obviously do) you can get away with eating 3 lobsters for 8 bucks. Who needs fancy-pants restaurants now? It was a great day to play with my camera and get a bunch of fun pics, my favorite is the middle shot of the BF gripping his next prey. That boy loves his lobster. I’m already getting pumped for the May clambake.


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