If you don’t like animals… don’t read this post

30 Nov

I’m just going to come out and say it: I’ve been a terrible blogger this past week

As a dormstyler I also have to put up with all the academic requirements of living in a dorm. Namely, my thesis, two research papers, and the never ending job search. The next 17 days are going to be totally crazy and intense and I CANNOT wait until they’re over and I can go home for break. Maybe I’ll even get to read a book for fun. Can you think of such an absurd concept??

Anyway, here are a few shots of my two favorite furry creatures that I got to spend oodles of time with over the past break. I love them so.

Tyler even got along with Rusty, my favorite stuffed animal. I was pretty worried that he would devour Rusty.


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