Turning a Summer Staple into A Fall Favorite

13 Nov

There is absolutely no denying that fall is in full-blast, even during those unbelievable 60 degree days in November. The dining hall is serving far more pumpkin, sweet potato, and squash dishes. It’s about time I kiss my summer-ripened tomatoes good bye. This weekend my parents hosted a dinner party at our house back in Washington, DC and my mom sent me this picture of her adapted fall bruschetta based on my summer bruschetta recipe! She had made using sauteed squash in the place of tomatoes. Doesn’t it just look delish? I think they deserve to be added to our Thanksgiving menu along with these pumpkin scones (without the icing) I’m planning on making!

This weekend the BF and I tried another breakfast diner (we’re on a roll!) called Rolly’s in Auburn. It was the epitome of mom and pop which was obviously a hit with me and the type of place where you would end up sitting at the same table as other people all elbow-to-elbow. I would not suggest this place for a “first date” because you will end up talking to whoever else is at your table. The BF was probably thankful that he got stuck with me, because I’m willing to talk to anyone about anything. We ended up sitting next to a older couple who chatted us up the entire time. Pete told us all about the history of Auburn, Maine–including all these crazy stories about when the (now abandoned) mills were in full swing producing textiles and shoes out the wazoo. Pete worked in the mills since he was 15 at Auburn High and told us how about how exciting it was to be part of the town before the mills were all outsourced and bankrupt. He also insisted that the BF and I join him this winter to go Ice Fishing on Lake Auburn. We’re “planning” on going on President’s Day in February since Pete insisted that was the only day of the year that the park troopers would let you get away with not having an ice fishing permit. He even gave us a list of what to wear (long johns are a must)… it was quite a breakfast.


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