Updates from a Dormstyler

6 Nov

I feel like the past two weeks have been so incredibly jammed packed; my blog as well as my inbox have been getting very little love and I’m feeling pretty guilty. I’ve been so busy and yet so much has happened! Last week the BF and I ventured out to a new diner. If you know me you know that I absolutely LOVE diners–and the more “mom and pop” the better. Although my all time favorite is still Becky’s we went to the cutest little hole in the wall diner “Uncle Moe’s” last weekend and it was quite a treat. They even had homemade biscuits! You would truly be shocked to find out how many diners DON’T have biscuits. Maybe we should move down south.

But it gets better. On the paper placemats at Uncle Moe’s they had an advertisement for an indoor Flea Market/Antique Warehouse in Oxford, Maine. I had already dragged the BF out to breakfast and knew that antiquing was totally out of the question (um how can anyone hate antiquing?!) so I trekked out to Oxford by myself. It was one of the greatest flea markets I’ve ever been to. I can’t decide whether I’ll be the person with the neatly organized, chachski-filled home or the extreme hoarder. Time can only tell. I’ve included some shots from the flea marketing including the deer head I spent ten minutes petting. Deer fur is really not as soft as you would imagine.

This weekend my parents flew in from Washington, DC to visit. It’s always nice to have your parents visit. My mom brought me the most wonderful magazines ever called Artful Blogging. I’ve already read them front to back twice–what a productive day. We had such a great time during their visit and went out to eat at so many good restaurants including this new restaurant in Freeport called Linda Beans. It has “authentic Maine” cuisine including lots of sea food, lots of mashed potatoes and various Maine burgers. For all of you lobstah-salad lovers out there, let it be known that Linda Beans lobster rolls are 95 parts lobster, 4 part mayonaise and 1 part seasoning. None of that drenched stuff.

For some reason, my parents are obsessed with American Idol (or were obsessed) after Simon and Paula left the magic of the show really went away–probably due to the lack of british accents and exposed chest hair. This weekend one of my BFFs and a KME sister competed in our college’s American Idol. It’s events like this that make me miss college so much already. Plus this week I had to submit my intention to graduate. UGH. On a happier note: these are the pictures from the past 8 days.


2 Responses to “Updates from a Dormstyler”

  1. mom November 7, 2011 at 10:56 am #

    We totally voted for Meg! She was AMAZING! What a beautiful weekend with you, honey. It couldn’t have been nicer.

  2. mom November 7, 2011 at 11:03 am #

    By the way, your Yiddish transliteration is totally meshuggenah. It’s “tchotchkes,” my little bubbala.

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