Thanksgiving Gawking

20 Nov

I can’t decide what I’m more excited for, Thanksgiving, or it becoming socially acceptable (and in fact encouraged) to listen to Christmas music. Sorry Mom but Hannukah tunes simply don’t cut it. I’ve been following more food blogs than ever as everyone seems to be gearing up for the holidays. This year, the BF is coming home with me for Thanksgiving and I want to make sure it’s just as wonderful as his Thanksgiving at home. One of my favorite food blogs, How Sweet it Is just posted 101 Thanksgiving recipes. After salivating for the past hour I’ve pulled some of my faves that I’m just dying to try–especially when I have the luxury of a full kitchen and dare I say, a dishwasher! Ooh I can’t wait. I’m trying to incorporate some vegan recipes into our Thanksgiving feast (Sorry, Fam) and since my stuffed squash was a only a hit with me and my dog last year, I’ve been searching for something that everyone will like…


Are you hungry yet?

The first is a recipe from a blog called With Style and Grace. It’s a non-traditional quinoa stuffing

The second recipe is from Shutter Bean. It’s a Brussels Sprout dish. Gosh I love those things

The third recipe is from How Sweet it Is. It’s a Apple Cider Margarita. I will take up any chance I have to drink cider, margarita or not.

The fourth recipe is ALSO from How Sweet it Is. It’s a Crispy Acorn Squash dish with Sage. But I’d probably omit the sage because I just don’t like that stuff


One Response to “Thanksgiving Gawking”

  1. Lisa {With Style and Grace} November 20, 2011 at 3:41 pm #

    Ah, thank you so much for including me in our Thanksgiving post! xo

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