Ode to Harvest Dinner

17 Nov

My college has one of the best traditions ever: Harvest Dinner. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the dining hall hosts a gigantic themed feast. This year the theme was MAINE, oh how original. Harvest Dinner goes as follows:

1. arrive to commons at 4:15 and wait in line for the doors to open at 4:30

2. Enter your name into the raffle

3. Pick a table that will fit all your friends and throw jackets on all the chairs so that they’re not stolen by other, less cool friend groups

4. Eat, eat, eat and eat more until 6:30 when…

5. You go to the gym for deserts and the “Trashion” Fashion Show

6. A Capella Concert at 9:30

It’s simply the best. Plus there is always live music

Here are my pictures from this joyous event. Gosh, I cannot believe that this is my last last last Harvest Dinner ever. Maybe I can become a super senior and come back next year. It’s worth an extra year of tuition… right? The Trashion show is ALWAYS my favorite but I will admit this year it was quite a scandal. In my personal, dormstyler opinion, the winner was wrongfully, oh so wrongfully crowned. Who cares if you have used water bottles all over you? UGH. It was very frustrating being in the audience that night–Details to come once I have more pictures. In the mean time enjoy these. Can you spy my Vegan Thanksgiving dinner? So good!

Speaking of A Capella… The ACapella groups are currently in our suite having a “party”– let me tell you, you have never heard such a harmonized version of Party in the USA. I still don’t know how I feel about it. Oh gosh, someone just yelled “I love A Capella”


One Response to “Ode to Harvest Dinner”

  1. mom November 18, 2011 at 6:23 pm #

    No, it is NOT worth another year’s tuition so that you can spend another Harvest Dinner in commons. Not an option.

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