Bar Cart 101

6 Jun

Similar to my strange love for headboards, I also have a slight obsession for bar carts. What is a bar cart, you might ask? Just a rolling-vintage-yet-chic-liquor-store-on-wheels-with-fancy-glassware. And ever since we moved into our apartment, I have been set on getting one. Unfortunately, my roommate* does not feel the same way about bar carts… but we don’t really drink hard alcohol…but we don’t have room… but they are entirely unnecessary. Get the picture? So instead, I will create a bar cart here, on this little blog.

But I’m just going to say, if I did have a bar cart, it would be the best one in town.

And while we’re making future requests, I would also like the little pooch in the fourth picture. And the bar cart. Don’t ask me to choose.


And if you happen to be in the market for a bar cart (you lucky duck, you) here are some of my favorites (1) and (2) and (3) and (4)


*my roommate is also the BF, I just didn’t want to call him such an endearing name because he is not on board with the bar cart (or the pooch for that matter)


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