Life Lately According to My iPhone

11 Jun

Life Lately:

(1) A few weeks back I went home to surprise my family–and spent approximately 94% of my stay taking pictures of my beloved animals (2) This is my new favorite picture of these three–what I like to call “our version of Homeward Bound” and if you haven’t seen Homeward Bound, you can make up for lost time and bad parenting (how could they deny you this movie) by buying the DVD here. (3) Oh and while I’m at it, here is an AM selfie of me and my “sassy” also known as Ringo (4) My mother also spoiled me with mussels and sangria (5) and the weirdest thing happened, where I found a mussel within my mussel… and was totally creeped out (6) Spent this past Friday at Boston Beer Works watching the Bruins game and celebrating their win (7) This photo my mother so rudely sent me while at work that made me ready for retirement–and make me start nagging the BF to take me strawberry picking (8) Spent this past Saturday in the North End walking around with the BF and grabbing a bite to eat (9) After lunch we made our way to Russo’s in Watertown, a specialty grocery store I’ve been dying to go to (ok, who am I) and absolutely fell in love with. They had buckets of Lychees for $3.99 a pound. I mean, come’on best thing EVER (10) Instructions I left my beloved BF on how to cook pasta while I was at some volunteer orientation… to which I received a text message saying “cooking pasta is hard” (11) Despite the minor  pasta set-backs, we started the week off right with an indoor barbecue

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