The Results Are In

14 Aug

In case you were wondering… I checked all of the items off my check list except for two (maybe three) 1. I wasn’t in the mood to play scrabble after losing a few games of Words With Friends, so I opted to play MadLibs instead, I think it was a really good trade. 2. Tonight it rained in Boston so I technically couldn’t go on the Boston Harbor Cruise…but it would have been checked off if the weather cooperated with me. 3. I didn’t hike the Blue Hills Reservation–which was a separate “ambitious” task anyways.. but I did manage to go running twice AND tried a new yoga studio. So I’m not too bummed about not hiking.

Additionally, there were so many wonderful add-ons that made this weekend and my list more eventful. On Saturday afternoon, my boyfriend and I ventured out into the city on two wheels. There is this new bike share  program called Hubway that allows you to rent bikes fo a 24-hour period. We biked up Commonwealth Avenue, around the Boston Common, and through the streets of Beacon Hill until our legs felt wobbly. It ended up costing $7 per person for an hour of biking. Not too shabby of a day date. Plus he tried Popeyes for the first time ever, so the day itself was a success.

Sunday brunch was extra special because my older brother came up from New York City this weekend. Naturally, he forgot to tell me he was coming to Boston until he was actually, physically in Boston… but nevertheless brunch was better with his company. On top of everything, Boston was absolutely beautiful on Friday and Saturday, so I had plenty of time to play with my new camera and document this wonderful city.


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