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Homemade Pickles

13 Aug

I am one of those people who is obsessed with pickles. If it were socially acceptable, I would probably bring a jar of pickles to work and chomp away at my cubicle all day. I mean, what is not to love? And if we’re out to dinner or lunch, and you have a rouge pickle on your plate, don’t be surprised when I ask you for it. 

And although my love for pickles has been a life-long affair, it wasn’t until last week that I decided that I should (and could) make my own at home. I used this recipe for easy refrigerator pickles. I still have to wait two more days until these bad boys are ready. But if they’re going to taste anything like they look, I’ll certainly be making them again.

I made one jar of spears, and the other of sliced pickles (as seen above)


SoWa Sunday

3 Jun

Even though SoWa (Boston’s best Sunday flea, artisan crafts, farmers market and food truck hub!) opened earlier in May, it wasn’t until this past Sunday that I finally made the inaugural visit. And I can’t believe it took me three weeks! I have loved watching SoWa grow over the past four years. When I first moved to Boston in the summer of 2010, SoWa was nothing more than a handful of artisan crafts stationed under little white tents. And now, a farmers market, a vintage flea shop, food trucks and many, many more crafts to see. I just love it. I was sad that the BF couldn’t make it on this trip (workaholic), but after seeing 4 new food trucks out of nearly 15 total, I know he’ll be coming next time around.

(1) Tried Grillo’s Pickles for the first time (one spicy, one regular) and ohmygoodness they were to DIE for (2) These bad boys, taking me all over Boston. From Fenway to South End to Back Bay and then home (3) Books from the 1920s through the 90s on top of a lovely vintage dresser (4) and vintage champagne glasses, that I just can’t get enough of. Maybe Leo’s to blame  (5) After an hour at SoWa I decided to walk back to the Bay Bay for my favorite smoothie/juice bar (6) Copley Square (7) Walking through the Victory Gardens on my way home (8) waving to the BF from the Victory Gardens (9) and these two, casually strolling through the street. Get outta here, geese!