Headboard 101

27 May

I love headboards. I know that sounds funny and weird, because who ever says things like that. But I do, so get ready for this post. Because our bed is right up against a window, we cannot really have a headboard (bummer) but why can’t I spend free time on pinterest scrolling through my favorite headboards of all time. Also, here are some sites (this & this & this) where you can create your own headboard.

(all images from pinterest)

and above is a photo of my bed in our apartment, and this window of which I have a total love hate relationship with. Until, the next apartment.


3 Responses to “Headboard 101”

  1. Mom May 28, 2013 at 9:44 am #

    Why, when I see photo #3, do I immediately imagine the whole thing crashing down upon the head of my lovely, sleeping, unsuspecting daughter?


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