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Summer Travels

7 Aug

I honesfly cannot believe its August–and with this comes the realization that I haven’t been able to blog nearly as much as I would have liked. Instead I’ve been traveling loads. Here are some of my recent adventuress

(1) Roof deck of the Gansevoort Hotel on Park in New York (2) Upgrades galore at the Bryant Park Hotel in New York (3) Took a trip down to the city a few weekends ago to meet up with friends, but absolutely had to stop at a kosher deli before heading back to no-deli-land (boston) (4) Took a quick trip home to DC (5) Spent one night last weekend at Martha’s Vineyard where I saw this beauty on a casual stroll through Oak Bluffs (6) Oak Bluffs sign right next to the jumping (Jaws) bridge. So glad that Shark Week started this week or else I legitimately would not have gone in the water (7) always happy to come home to Boston


Boston Favorites: Tapas

21 Jan

I absolutely love going out to eat. I love trying new places and finding new favorites in various neighborhoods. I’m in the process of making an entire page dedicated to restaurants in Boston sorted by both neighborhood and cuisine. Lately, the BF and I have been obsessed with Tapas. I love ordering as many little dishes as we can. It’s perfect for sharing and there is always great Spanish wine to count on. And our love for Tapas is growing exponentially as we plan our trip to Barcelona! As you might remember, one of my new years resolutions was to travel somewhere new… and then two weeks ago, the BF and I made the plunge and bought tickets to Barcelona and Lisbon for April/May! Cannot wait to get my hands on authentic Tapas in just a few months.

 These are my new favorite Tapas places:

  1.  Toro, South End: we first went to South End to celebrate my “new job” which was just my transition from contractor to full-time employee in October. It was one of the best dinner’s I’ve ever had. They had wine on tap, that was just delicious! and the best, home-baked bread I’ve had in a while. The BF and I split Paella Valencia which was was seafood-loaded and absolutely amazing. And to top it all off, we ran into Rob Gronkowski from the Patriots there. It was definitely on the pricier side, but well worth it. 
  2. Tapeo, Back Bay: The BF and I went to Tapeo in early September when the weather was still nice enough to sit outside for dinner. We had the most delicious grilled shrimp and although they had a phenomenal wine list per usual, they had a great selection of beer for the BF who 9 times out of 10 will opt for some local brew rather than some sophisticated wine choice. What a newb, right?
  3. Bar Lola, Back Bay: The BF and I went to Bar Lola on a random week day night in mid-December. I’m a total veggie-lover so was so happy they had a million vegetable based dishes. Unlike Toro, Bar Lola was much more reasonably prices. It was in the basement of a hotel and turned out to be a hot-spot on a week day night. The bar area was totally hopping and we were the lame-os sitting in the outskirts of the restaurant. Next time we go it will be to party, not to eat.

And if you’re in New York City and not in Boston, I highly, highly recommend Pipa Tapas near Gramercy Park. It’s part of ABC Kitchen–the entire ceiling is filled with beautiful, vintage chandeliers that are for sale. So if you’re in the market for either a chandelier or house sangria, definitely go to Pipa.