Barcelona Part III

17 May

Here’s the last round of pictures of Barcelona. Trust me, there are hundreds more but I should really get back to interior decorating, recipe sharing and general Boston-themed-goodness… but just you wait and see, this post has a theme…

Getting accustomed to Spanish culture was a very easy transition. What do you mean, you drink wine at lunch, pre-dinner, dinner and then after dinner? Okay, I can get on that. It will probably come to no surprise to anyone that I came back determined to start my own wine bar. That was until the BF so lovingly asked me if I knew anything about wine… so I might be making a career move and become a Sommelier. Although, I will probably have to stop ordering the cheapest wine on the menu from now on…

(1) I mentioned this in my first post, but I will say it again, we had the most fabulous time at the wine bar La Vinya Del Seyor outside Maria Del Mar where we would eat pre-dinner tapas and sip on cava (2) and red wine (3) Strolling through the Gothic Quarter we stumbled upon this phenomenal wine store where we were able to pick up a bottle of our favorite Cava to bring back to Boston with us. Now, we just have to find the perfect occasion to pop that bad boy (4) For our last night in Barcelona, we decided to splurge and go out for a nice restaurant. The BF picked a little restaurant that we would have easily walked by without thinking twice. Can Valles looks like any old tappas joint from the outside, but is absolutely gorgeous inside. The service and food were just amazing. I’m so glad we went, and highly recommend it! We also had this amazing bottle of wine, that we will forever be searching for (5) My (clean) dish from Can Valles. I got the pistachio shrimp. de-lish. (6) Our fist night in Barca we ate at your run-of-the-mill Tappas place. and of course, with our menu del dia we enjoyed unidentified “house wine” (7) Sangria, done.


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