Barcelona Part II

15 May

wait, you wanted to see lots of long-overdue pictures of me eating? GREAT, you got it!

And well because going through my nine-day vacation day-by-day just seems like the type of blog post only my mother would enjoy (hey, mama!)

(1) La Cerveteca, again. Gosh, this place just hits the spot. I wish we had such beer bar in Boston with this vibe (2) Dinner in Barceloneta (highly recommended) and yet again another fish served to me in its entirety. At least this time the restaurant had the decency to cut this sucker in half before plating (3) La Sagrada Familia (4) First bite of Iberian Ham after years and years of not eating pork. Well worth the cheat (5) Dancing in Casa Batllo (6) My favorite tush (7) Maria Del Mar church in El Born. If I didn’t say it already, I’ll say it now, best church in all of Barcelona, hands down (8) Meat on meat on meat (9) The BF and I. I swear he doesn’t have a beer belly


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