Barcelona Part I

10 May

Well specifically, this was day one.  The BF and I woke up super early on our first day to explore the city and do a Runner Bean Walking Tour. If you want my FULL review of this tour, you can check out this TripAdivsor link, to which our phenomenal guide responded to.  The weather the first day was pretty terrible, but hey, how many times are you traveling through Barcelona? So glad we brought our own umbrellas, they totally saved the day!

(1) Plaza Renial, where we started our tour on a very rainy Saturday morning (2) Discovered espresso while we were away. Gosh, American coffee is just so much better and not nearly as strong. I drank espresso every day just so I could get my caffeine intake over with as soon as possible. As you can see from this picture, I really needed it (3) My handy-dandy pink umbrella that saved the day (4) We found some little restaurant that seemed to have a great menu del dia (menu of the day) we were so excited (5) especially because they had really good bread (6) but then one of our appetizers came out and it was an entire crab (7) and then my fish came out… and it was an entire fish. Thankfully there was a lovely Belgium couple sitting next to us who taught me step-by-step how to eat one of those bad boys (8) we stopped by the jewish temple, which was really just ruins of what once might have been a jewish temple (9) and ended the night with some delicious tapas and paella (as seen in my first post)


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