Easy Homemade: Hummus

16 Apr

I absolutely love Hummus. I’m partial to Sabra, but really any hummus (as long as it’s smooth and creamy) will do. I have fond memories of mashing chickpeas by hand on Friday morning at my Jewish summer camp so that the whole camp could have homemade hummus for dinner. Although I was willing to mash bucket of chickpeas then, I have since lost all patience for such activities. Luckily, with a handy-dandy food processor, I no longer have to put any elbow grease into making hummus. Making homemade hummus is surprisingly easy, and most of the ingredients you probably have lying around anyways.

What you’ll need for plain hummus:

1. one can (16oz) of chickpeas/garbanzo beans

2. olive oil

3. salt & pepper

4. garlic

5. lemons or lemon juice (even from concentrate) will do


That said, we had lots of fresh basil left over from when we made homemade margherita pizza earlier in the week, so I figured why not make basil hummus… so I threw some leaves in

Then hit the blend botton….

…and voilà! easy homemade hummus

I cannot wait to try to make so many more hummus creations!


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