Traveled South for the Afternoon

19 Mar

If you’ve read any of my recent posts… you will know that we have been eating a ton of pulled chicken. And after a fabulous night at Sweet CheeksQ there was no stopping this barbecue craze. One of the BF’s coworkers told us about this amazing small barbecue joint out in Winthrop (a nearly thirty minute drive)… but since he was from the south, we decided to try Blackstrap BBQ on a cold Saturday afternoon. It. Was. Phenomenal. Not only was it genuinely good food, the atmosphere was incredible. You could really tell they cared about their food. And, if you ever go there, you MUST try all of their mustards and sauces on the side. I swear I could probably eat a meal of just their homemade spicy BBQ sauce.

Next thing you know we will be booking flights to Mississippi or Georgia or Texas or wherever has the best barbecue in the states… although next time  I see “sweet potato salad” on the menu I will know it is “mayonaise with sweet potatoes” and probably skip…

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