Resolutions Revisited

3 Mar

Not sure if you remember, but back in January, I made a “2013 resolution” post in which decided that in 2013 I would (1) travel somewhere new (2) limit my soda intake and (3) sign up & run a half marathon. And so far, I’ve kept to all three. (1) The BF and I bought tickets so Spain & Portugal mid-January for ten days in the end of April (2) I haven’t had a drop of soda (not even in mixed drinks!) since that January 5th post and (3) we signed up and have been training for a half marathon which we are planning on running March 25th along the seacoast of New Hampshire. It’s funny to me because I have always hated new years resolutions, for reasons I have ranted about in my previous post… but for some reason, having this check of to which I feel like I have some sort of obligation to complete it. I have long been a fan of check lists and my new years resolutions are nothing short of a yearly set of tasks. So, three months into the year, it seems that all my little boxes are ready to be checked off. I should probably reconsider these “resolutions” come June and see what the next six months of 2013 can bring me.

In the meantime, the BF and  I have been training, training, training for this half-marathon and I cannot wait to be done with it for good. However, for someone who was told four and a half years ago that they might never be able to run again due to chronic back problems… it does feel really great to have beaten the odds, even if it’s only to check off a little empty box.


4 Responses to “Resolutions Revisited”

  1. Anita de la Fabian March 4, 2013 at 9:42 am #

    I think you will enjoy the marathon, you’ve been doing a lot of exercise, that’s great. You will be happy when the marathon is over, you’ll be prepared to walk a lot in spain and portugal. Hoping to see more photos, Love you and BF Abela

  2. Mom March 4, 2013 at 10:15 am #

    So proud of you honey! This is an amazing accomplishment! And good for BF for being willing to do it with you. You go, guys! Love love love


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