Pulled BBQ Chicken Winter

19 Feb

Ever since winter really set in, I’ve been using my little crock-pot even more. I just can’t handle how cute that little ceramic thing is sometimes. The BF particularly loves BBQ pulled chicken…so looks like we’ve been eating a lot of pulled chicken.





We’ve tried a couple recipes, most of which have resulted in a barbecue soup. And trust me, there is nothing as unsettling as barbecue soup with strands of chicken in it. Anyways, I finally found this recipe that is juuuuust right. Like everything, I add onions to every single recipe. So I cut up some onions “the long way” to mix right in with the pulled chicken. And because the BF is a true southerner at heart, he insisted we had Jiffy corn muffins. I don’t quite understand that kid, but I sure do like him.


I highly, highly recommend Stubb’s BBQ sauce. You can find it at any grocery store, just keep your eyes peeled.


One Response to “Pulled BBQ Chicken Winter”

  1. Anita de la Fabian February 20, 2013 at 8:40 am #

    I love your ceramic pot, if I go to Washington I’ll buy one for me!!! corn muffins I cannot get here, but I’ll try the rest love you regards to BF

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