Weekend With Nemo

10 Feb

So unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably caught wind that New England was hit by a tremendous snow storm named “Nemo.” It was by far the biggest snow storm that I had ever seen, and could not believe how quickly (and willingly) a New England city like Boston shut down. On Friday at four the governor put on a driving ban that, if caught, could mean up to a year in jail. Are you for real, Deval? Anyway, I was happy to stay at home and work, and watch as the snow piled on inch by inch through our windows. The BF, who doesn’t believe in the “hype” stayed at work until 4:00pm. Are you kidding me? We ended up having the most relaxing weekend ever (sans the digging out of my car) and I ended up being really quite thankful for Nemo, because when else do you have an excuse to sit around in your pajamas all day watching episodes of Arrested Development without feeling guilty? Here are some snapshots of Nemo in Boston:

(1) View from our living room at around 11:00am on Saturday.. one of our more ambitious neighbors (2) my poor car about 25 minutes into digging. Thankfully, two of our neighbors came over to help us dig out the car once they were done with theirs. They probably couldn’t handle watching me attempt to shovel snow longer. I am truly a terrible snow-shoveler. (3) a nemo-covered tree (4) nemo-covered mail box (5) my street at 3:00pm on Saturday (6) same street at 6:00pm.

I still cannot believe how much snow we got. Monday is supposed to be a dreary and rainy day which will probably make turn this into the ugliest, muddiest snow blizzard ever. Thank you Mondays, for continually being the worst.


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