Food Diaries: What I’ve been Cooking Lately

8 Feb

As you all probably know, last weekend was the Superbowl. Thankfully, the Patriots were not playing, which made my life and my apartment a lot quieter. We had a few friends over for the game, and I was lucky enough to be able to spend the majority of the game in the kitchen. Here are some snapshots of what we made for the game… as well as some general foodie updates:

So for the first time in a long time (Sorry, BF) there were TWO cooks in the kitchen. Our good friend Cal came over with the most amazing Thai Chili Chicken Wing recipe. In fact, Cal, can you please provide us with that recipe so I can post it on DormStyler? Secondly, I was set to make some Mac-and-Cheese Cups that I first saw on Cupcakes and Cashmere. Well, let me tell you, Cupcake Blog, these Cheese Cups did NOT turn our like yours. I had around three that turned out in perfect little, bite-sized cups… the rest turned out like sloppy cheese blobs. Apparently they were cheesey and gooey regardless, so they weren’t a total flop.


My less festive meals have looked more like this:

(1-3) Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies from this recipe. I had jury duty of all things this week and when I got out early I decided to bake the BF some home made cookies. Only problem was, I had absolutely NO vanilla extract, but had a full bottle of peppermint extract. Solution: mint-chocolate-chip cookies! They were a total hit (4) Lately I’ve been into one-pot or one-baking sheet meals. Heres panko-crusted chicken and brussel sprouts before I sent them to the oven. Unfortunately  they were so delicious that we ate it all before I had time to take an “after” photo. (5) Roasted sweet potatoes and spicy roasted chickpeas from this recipe.

Considering that we’re on the heels of a huge snow storm, I wish I had all of the food above help us make it through the weekend. Wish us luck with the snow!

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