KME Book Club: The Paris Wife

27 Jan

I sometimes think I’m a 58 year-old woman living inside the body of a 22 year-old. You remember, KME right? Well as it turns out, 5 of the 6 KME sisters ended up in Boston. And since we’re all a bunch of middle aged women at heart, we naturally decided to start a book club. Anyways, it just about the best thing ever. For the inaugural book club meeting we read the Paris Wife… which long story short: is Midnight in Paris in print version. And if you’ve neither seen nor read either of the two, I highly recommend both. I held the first meeting at my apartment, and had an absolute blast doing all things Parisian… or at least what I can remember of being Parisian 13 years after my only trip to Paris…

(1) Bordeaux wine was an obvious choice (2) Cheeses, Jam and Rosemary… don’t ask why the herb got thrown in there, I thought it looked pretty. (3) Coffee table spread, with fresh cut flowers of course (4) My new favorite picture of KME with our Chicago sister skyping in. We miss you, Erika! Now get your butt to Boston.


And if you stumbled upon this blog for my literary opinion and have been bored to death with my party planning skills, I’m sorry. However, now that we’re on the topic. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and thought it was a great book club option because everyone had different opinions. And like any group of middle-aged women, we talked about how the characters related to our own lives and then obviously got off topic for 80% of the night. I found it to be a lovely, easy read that provided me with some great historical context and information even though it is technically fiction. Highly recommended to the sappy, romantics out there. Not recommended to the feminist in you.


One Response to “KME Book Club: The Paris Wife”

  1. Mom January 27, 2013 at 6:25 pm #

    But didn’t you absolutely want to KILL Hemmingway? I mean, really.

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