Life Lately According to my iPhone

21 Nov

Sorry for the little hiatus.

It’s been a crazy few weeks. But I promise this won’t last. I’m back for good, people.

So this might be a little overload, but I got a ton to catch you all up on

(1) Dinner for two at Toro in the South End with the BF where we ended up seated two tables away from Rob Gronkowski, nbd (2) My stay at the Chandler hotel while in NYC for work (3) Nothing quite like that work/fun balance riding in Acela first class on the way home from NY (4) Company outing at Del Friscos in the Seaport (5) Rosemary and garlic Red Bliss Potatoes on a cool winter night (7) Eating at an authentic Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. Thanks for the adventure, Cal but I think I’ll stick with PF Changs from here on out (8) My fortune. It came true nearly 18 hours later! (9) Fashion show at the Liberty Hotel in Beacon Hill after an alumni function (10) Saturday morning stroll with my BF through the Common on the most perfect winter day (11) Homegoods on Sunday morning: this is my life in a multi-faith relationship… but boy am I excited to have a Christmas Tree of my own! (12) My new Menorah that we picked up at Homegoods along with new ornaments, a pine scented candle and a tree skirt (13) Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake from Paula Dean so you know it’s gotta be good

Life has been totally crazy these past few weeks. Its so nice to see it all down in one place. We’re heading up to New Hampshire tonight to spend Thanksgiving at the BF’s house. Pictures and updates to come!


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