Converted Crock-Potter

29 Oct

Let’s just say yesterday was the laziest sunday known to mankind. I slept in way too late, took way too long of an afternoon nap and spent whatever awake-time that was left in the day on the couch. Now, if I had known that I would by default (thank you, Sandy) be doing the same thing today with my work laptop, maybe I would have ventured out a little more yesterday. Regardless, it seemed like the perfect lazy Sunday to try my new crock pot. I bought this itty bitty adorable 2qt cp at Target a few weeks back and haven’t been very good at prepping meals ahead of time to actually use it.

Anyways, the BF found this recipe online and so we chopped up some onions, poured in what seemed like six pounds of barbecue sauce and four hours later… pulled chicken. How incredibly easy.

So since then, I’ve been looking up equally easy recipes online here are some that looked absolutely delicious!

Time can only tell if I actually end up pulling that little crock pot out anytime soon. I have a nasty habit of thinking I’m going to use something all the time and then going back to my old (in this case, stove-top) ways.

One Response to “Converted Crock-Potter”

  1. Mom November 1, 2012 at 11:36 am #

    How my children complained when I put crock pot food on the table! This is payback. . . .

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