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8 Oct

I really love lists. Making lists. Checking off little boxes. The whole thing. Really, it’s easily one of my favorite things to do. It’s like a little habit of mine. Oh, my car needs an oil change? I should write it down somewhere and create a perfectly symmetrical box next to it so I can check it when I’m done. Okay, so it’s a little (a lot) compulsive, but at least I have some way to keep me honest, right?

Anyways, I was going to make a list of all the things I’m excited to do this fall–or type out my really agressive lists of things to do during the weekends…which are never completed because somehow I manage to squeeze in three hour naps every afternoon, and find myself preferring the warmth of my bed to a morning run or bike ride. So instead of making an ambitious list for this fall, I figured I would return to an old list I made to see how far I’ve really come…

Posted on January 24th, 2012


I was planning on posting about all the exciting events coming up in 2012 after new years… but as you might have noticed, that didn’t happen. Whoops. However I’m probably more excited for the upcoming months more now than I was 24 days ago. I know I technically shouldn’t be excited for graduation–and soon enough I will be joining the majority of the population that yearns for their college days… but I. Just. Can’t. Help. It.

Anyways, here is a working list of all the things I’m excited for in 2012 in no particular order:

1.Finishing MockingJay (Check!)

2. Going on a four-night Bahamas cruise with the BF in February (already counting down…) (Check!)

3. Snorkeling in the Bahama (Check!)

4. Graduating (Check!)

5. Finally moving to Boston (Check!)

6. Never having to Sublet an apartment again (full-year lease, baby!) (Check!)

7. The 2012 Oscars–where Owen Wilson will take it all for Midnight in Paris (Check…well Owen didn’t win)

8. Family vacation to South Africa in July (with BF) (Check!)

9. Never having to do Homework again (Check!)

10. Buying a real sofa (Check!)

11. Becoming more environmentally friendly (…still working on my recycling habit)

12. Road races with the BF–which he doesn’t yet know about (surprise!) (Oh yeah… forgot about this one)

13. Reaching my one year blogging anniversary (Check!)

14. …and turning dormstyler into apartmentstyler (sorta Check!)

15. Trying out hundreds of new recipes and as many new restaurants as I can possibly afford (Check!)

16. Turning 22 (Check!)

17. Visiting all my college friends wherever they end up (need to start planning, asap!)

There is just so much to look forward this year. But without a doubt, I’ll miss being surrounded by my best friends 24/7 the most. Giving them up really makes this list seem so much less fun. Looks like everyone should move to Boston, huh?


So it looks like I still have some work to do.

And yes, life not surrounded by my best friends 24/7 has definitely been the hardest part. I miss those family dinners at commons and staying up late having pillow talk with my roomies. But then again, 4 of my 5 roomies are ending up in Boston (we miss you, Erika!) and I see my college friends on a weekly basis. So all in all, graduating and beginning the real world wasn’t that bad.


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