Last Week…

1 Oct

Last week was nothing particularly special. Lots of time in the office for me and lots of late night at the office for the BF. When we couldn’t manage to eat dinner together or just wanted to spend some quality time together, we went out for a drink.  And somehow, in the span of one week I managed to try FIVE new bars. All of them were wonderful–all for different reasons. Please note  (MOM) that although this looks like I’m on a booze cruise week; this was simply one drink per night. So everyone hold your judgment. And while I had a blast going out last week almost every night, it’s nice to be back into a home-ier routine.

(1) Colorado Brewed Beer and water in a hipster mason jar at Sweet Cheeks BBQ in Fenway (2) At the bar Drinks with a coworker to celebrate Wednesday–this was easily the coolest bar I have ever been to. There are no menus or specials, you tell the bartender various aromas or flavors that you’re in the mood for and the whip you up a delicious concoction–this was “something citrusy, bubbly and crisp” (3) Lower Depths with the BF (4) White Belgian beer in a can at Lower Depths (5) The BF’s “sumpin’ sumpin’ ale” at Lower Depths (6) Grapefruit Cocktail at Coda in the South End on a rainy Friday night (7) Brooklyn Brewery’s Pumpkin Ale with a Cinnamon-Sugar Rim  at BrownStone in the South End (8) The BF’s creation of the glory that is the previous photo


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  1. Mom October 1, 2012 at 10:57 pm #

    Your package is on the way. . . . .

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