Sunday’s In Boston

24 Sep

Yesterday, I somehow managed to get the BF to willingly go to the SoWa Market with me in South Boston. Miracles really do happen. Plus the BF got to introduce me to one of his favorite food trucks, Bon Me. It was one of the most beautiful days–cool enough for a jean jacket. I absolutely love little markets like this, when I’m home I try to go to Eastern Market every chance I get… the fact that we now have a market walking distance (okay, that’s pushing it… trekking distance) is just about the best thing ever. I have fallen in love with the South End and hope to move there as soon as I can afford their ridiculous apartment prices.

It was one of my favorite Sunday’s ever… Especially considering that it involved very little Football… until the Sunday night game that is.

One Response to “Sunday’s In Boston”

  1. Mom September 24, 2012 at 6:27 pm #

    If you look in the lower left hand corner of the last photo, it looks like Tyler snuck to the market, too! Maybe to buy some of that amazing looking honey. Although the vendor needs to change her sign–if the bouquets are actually from the spring, then $5 is way too much. Glad you are having fun and dragging A— out and about.

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