Small(er) Space Living

22 Aug

You can pretty much assume that if something is small and cute, I will like it. Take mini cupcakes or gingerbread-type houses on martha’s vineyard. I love them all. However, now that I’m living in 750 sq foot apartment, I have learned that sometimes small and cute isn’t always better than… say spacious and cute?

Regardless, I should be thrilled to have 750 square feet to call my own. And here are lots of muuuuch small spaces that made it work. It gives me hope that if I were to ever need do down-size, I could do it with cute-ness intact.

So basically, a smaller square footage will also mean that I will get rid of all the junk? I mean seriously, where are they keeping their 40+ pairs of shoes? Or their jackets-for-every-possible-occasion? And most importantly, where will my (future) two dogs stay?

For the sake of all things small and cute, I’m willing to take this future challenge.

2 Responses to “Small(er) Space Living”

  1. Mom August 26, 2012 at 6:11 pm #

    I think you had better plan on small and cute dogs, too, honey. You can raise and lower them up to your loft in a basket (see Hitchcock’s Rear Window for inspiration. . .) I do think I see water and food bowls on the floor by the mini fridge in the last photo. But maybe they have a hamster?

  2. Papi February 17, 2013 at 6:26 pm #

    If I ever have to live like this – I want the next to last apt–the one that still manages to have a 50 inch TV.

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