Preparing for Restaurant Week

19 Aug

This past week was one of those “I don’t feel like cooking” weeks where the BF and I found ourselves eating take out and going out more than usual.  But in hindsight I know that we were just preparing ourselves (and our wallets) for restaurant week here in Boston. We haven’t yet made a plan of action regarding which restaurants on which nights… but seeing as though our fridge is currently empty, I have a feeling we will be making our way out more than in.

(1) Pad Thai and Basil Chili Chicken at Rod Dee’s right around the corner from us (2) Drinks at Back Bay Social Club after a particularly long Tuesday (3) Union Bar and Grill in the South End to celebrate the BF’s MCAT scores–if you had any doubt, he did fantastically! I think it was the surprise party that really pushed the points (4) Red Lantern in the South End with a coworker on Thursday night where we got DELICIOUS cocktails and some amazing crunchy tuna rolls


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  1. Mom August 19, 2012 at 11:50 am #

    bout time

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